Mile End Wednesday Night Meets

This is where we say that we’re going to the Wednesday evening meet at Mile End Climbing Wall and let people know when we think we’ll be turning up.

New members / prospective members can let us know here that they are coming and ask at reception for NLMC or look for anyone in an NLMC red t-shirt,

We typically boulder until 9:30pm then retire to the Palm Tree to socialise and plan trips.

I’ll be along after 7pm. Anyone else going this week?


Great minds. Be there about 730. I now need to work out how to delete my other thread.

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On my way there as we speak

Big turn out of existing members at the Mile End last night an no bikes stolen from the Palm Tree this week. New members, you can always come along too - we’re not so scary. :wink:

I’m here. If you’re not on your way already, get here quick. If you don’t know us, ask at reception for North London Mountaineering Club. Drinks after as usual at the Palm Tree.

Come and climb with us. Non members welcome.

Who’s coming tonight? Red NLMC t-shirts this time.
Stephen, are you bringing your camera again?

Yep, I’ll be there this evening with my camera.

Just seen a first draft of the calendar and it’s looking amazing.

Camera again tomorrow @stephen ?

I’m coming tonight. Who else will be there?

NLMC t-shirts today or not? Please let us know @bullopolis.

@khalidqasrawi I’m going to head down tonight - prob be there around 7.30/8pm - where will I find you! I’ll bring my leader rope…

At mile end. Are you coming over?

New members and non-members very welcome to join us to boulder tonight. Look out for red NLMC t-shirts or ask at reception. I’ll stick my harness in my bag too in case anyone wants to try the ropes.

I’m looking forward to a drink in the pub afterwards as usual. :beers: :yum:


Hi all,

Me and Josh would be keen to join the club and were wondering if there would be anyone at Mile End on Wednesday? We’ll bring in filled in forms.

Meet some of you on then hopefully,

Zoe & Josh

Welcome @Zoe and Josh. I’ll be at Mile End tomorrow evening. Look out for our famous red t-shirts or ask for us at reception.

Great, see you later on.