Mile End Wednesday Night Meets

We had a small contingent at Mile End on Wednesday. It was good to see friends again. I pulled onto a wall for the first time on 2020 - yay! Got a flapper for the first time in years.:sob:

I’ve booked to go again next Wednesday. There are spaces free.


An update after the NLMC committee meeting tonight, we are pleased to announce the Wednesday club nights are back on along with the obligatory visit to the Palm Tree afterwards. :beers: :palm_tree:

Mile End currently does not need you to pre-book but are operating at a reduced overall capacity, should normally be someone about (Sarah, John or myself) but might be worth a quick post here first to be sure.

As per the other thread, we are also open for new members again. Just please be reasonable in terms of following the wall rules. Sure everyone would be sensible anyway, but it is a big step towards having the club fully back up and running again :wink:


Hi there! That’s great news. I’m a new joiner and will be coming on to Mile End Climbing Wall Wednesday, it would be great to meet one of you there. Cheers, Jon

@Jon_Howells - Great, should be bouldering at ME this Wed work permitting from ~7:00.

Likely wearing buckthorn coloured shorts and a black t-shirt, if you don’t see us about the staff are happy to give an NLMC shout out over the tannoy.

With the Sept new members meet not far away, would be worth thinking about a quick lead session with an existing club member to tick off the “able to lead belay safely” box if you are looking to join?

@Mark_W What colour is ‘buckthorn’? You’re clearly more stylish than me!

Too much work to do before I go on holiday to climb this week :frowning:

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It is that random orange-beige-khaki generic men’s climbing clothing colour.

The Moon Cypher shorts I have describe it as “buckthorn”, they could have made it up for all I know! :joy:


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@Jon_Howells - Was good to get a bit of climbing in with you last night, glad the shorts were distinctive enough to spot me! :joy:

Definitely try to get some leading in at the Castle on the Monday’s if you can ahead of the new members meet, or post here and we can see if someone can bring a rope/harness to ME.

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Cheers, I’ll make an effort to come to Castle next Monday. If not I have a rope & harness I can bring to ME and see if anyone’s up for some rope climbing there! Thanks again!

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Hello - I’m new to climbing but I’ve done the top rope course, would there be a meet on Wednesday 8th Sept? :slight_smile:

@nadia880 - Hi, there should be a few people at ME each week but it’s mainly bouldering really, so an easy way to join in.

Always good to meet prospective new members though and have a bit of a climb before the Palm Tree.

Happy to have a chat about the club and how people can get more experienced ahead of going on an outdoor trip or joining. If you don’t spot anyone about ask the staff for a quick NLMC shout out over the tannoy. :+1:

Hello new and prospective members! If you didn’t already know, our next New Members Meet is happening on 18-19 September :blush:

Please see the thread below for more info, and to sign up

NLMC New Members Secretary

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Hi, I have just moved to London and am looking to join the club. Is any one climbing at Mile End this wednesday? If so, where can I meet people?

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@Laura - Hi, I will be there tonight at about 7:00 and John T should be there as well for bouldering then maybe a beer afterwards.

I will be wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of khaki/orange shorts? Need to order a new red club shirt to make things easier! :joy:

If you don’t spot us, the ME staff know the NLMC so would happily give us a shout out over the tannoy.

I will be there and wearing an ancient red NLMC t-shirt.

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I’ll be there tonight (6th Oct) from 5 till 7 ish if anyone else is. I look the same as my photo, but with more grey and less facial hair :slight_smile:

Hi Aurelio, ah that is a tad early for me! :sweat_smile:

I will be there from about 7:00 ish with my friend Phil, normally a few of us around but just a bit later on.

Couldn’t tempt you with a later start and a trip to the Palm Tree afterwards?

@owrehleeoh Got there too late! Come next week but a bit later…

A bit early for me too but I promised Caroline I’d be home at 8. I will however be trying to get back into the regular we’d evening thing.

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Great, would be good to see you. I also have more grey but more facial hair.

Anyone heading to the wall this evening?