Devon Trip - 4/5 August


Are we happy with the sleeping arrangements?:grin:

Tim - thanks for the offer of a lift - I’ll start a discussion on the chat forum’s messaging to share numbers and pick up details. (click your profile picture top right for your inbox, or if you have email chat notifications set up will be in your inbox too).



Wow nice one Paul!


Number 2.


Hey folks, we finally arrived… My mum and dad are here too.

We have pitched half way down the field on the left next to a fire extinguisher. My mum and dad have a grey VW T5 California. Fill left (facing out from the field) from there.

Looking forward to Paul arriving with dinner!




Khalid, did you say what you’d seen on the Petzl site yet?

Had another quick look this morning; the top photo shows the climbing clipping the third clip over his head with a load of slack pulled out?


Thanks Paul, and cheers for amazing weekend everyone. Would love to see some more photos if anyone has some to share.


Only thing I could see was the advice about moving in and out. Ok for at the wall/ sport (ish) but not outside on trad, merrily stipping gear while your leader panics! Makes me feel guilty i cant spot it!!


On another note @mhobby1979 @jo_keogh, super well done on a fab meet. Much love. The campsite was super doooper brill, i met some lovely people washing up! Awesome. So glad we could join you.
And well done to everyone else on some fine climbing done that I spied…fab! :smiley::+1::hugs:


Khalid, in section 2 spotting
When I spot a leader I have my hands up as in pic but I keep the rope in the V between thumb and fingers of right hand. That way as soon as the leader has clipped I can shut my hand and have them on belay


awesome photos @Paul (Blood & Chastity at red walls? - we did both on Saturday!) - some choice 2019 calendar shots
Cheers everyone- great weekend!



Thanks for organsing an awesome weekend Matt and Jo!


Excellent ascents of Moonraker and Rainbow Bridge Diluted by the Extension Crew (@khalidqasrawi, @george_margesson, @Tutu) today. A bloody good meet. Thanks @mhobby1979 and @jo_keogh for organising! Bring on Pembroke!


What a fantastic weekend and group. Loved every single bit of it. A big thanks to @mhobby1979 and @jo_keogh for organising it


Cheers guys, that was a great weekend and first trip with the club! Hope the weather is as good for the Sept meet now :wink:

Thanks to @mhobby1979 and @jo_keogh for the organising, along with @Peter for the lift and all the advice/help from everyone on both days. It was a lot of fun, made up to have gotten a first lead and some abseiling in.


This cave was much bigger and darker and scarier in real life


Well, it’s just Imelda and me left here and the field is pretty quiet.

Yesterday Paul and I climbed Moonraker which was magnificent and having been advised not to abseil, we traversed in at low tide (neap) and it was terrifying. Should have had a warning sign saying “slippery when wet”. We did the rainbow walls diluted traverse after which was pretty cool too also terrifying.

Brilliant weekend Matt and Jo. Well done. You certainly got more people on an NLMC meet than
I’ve ever seen before. We managed to all behave ourselves well enough that the campsite owners will be happy to have us back so thank you all for that too.


Through all the gear sharing going on last weekend, I am deficient of a turquoise-coloured no. 8 nut; has anyone picked it up?