Devon Trip - 4/5 August

Hi, I was hoping to come along on this trip as my first one with the club.

Was there a particular place in mind for the climbing?

Spoke to David last night at Mile End, he thought some locations offered a broader range of grades than others so might work better if it’s a mixed ability group.

Hi Mark

Think this was @jo_keogh and @mhobby1979 who put their hands to organise this one; good effort given they are based in York!

I don’t know N. Devon that well, most of the crags were in the exciting category, Baggy point is probably the exception.


There are some other friendly ones, honest :slight_smile:

Plenty of fairly conventional stuff there, despite reputation. Sharpness, Vicarage (assuming the approach is ok, wasn’t there rockfall), Marsland, Screda, Blackchurch Rock… the main problem is the tides - there’s relatively little that’s non tidal (and a very large tidal range) so you really do need a sensibly timed low tide.

Hi Everyone

Greetings from Far Islington (Zone 20)!

We had planned to head to south Devon - around Torbay. We moved the meet to August to get out of the bird ban. There looks to be some great (exciting) stuff to do at Berry Head with some easier stuff at Daddy hole across the bay.

@Mark_W - hope those places look good for you? :slight_smile:

Hopefully see some folks in Cornwall this weekend!

Thanks for the replies,

I will take a look, although I might need to give the “exciting” ones a miss though and stick to the easier stuff if that is available.

I’m comfortable indoor lead climbing (6b ish) and belaying with single ropes, done a bit of outdoor sport and just went on a course at Plas y Brenin which covered the basics of gear placements for trad, building anchors for top/bottom ropes for outdoors.

I’m happy to tag along and just get some more experience in really, which probably means seconding things and being sensible about routes etc. Hopefully that still fits with other people’s goals, open to suggestions though if another meet might be better suited.

Hmm… August in Devon means DWS time :slight_smile:

I could be persuaded to join - even if noone else from the meet is interested I’m sure there will be crowds out if it’s a nice day :slight_smile:

I’m planning to go on this trip - would be really keen to climb on Dartmoor, as it was lovely in the winter but mostly too cold for climbing. I did almost get spanked on a VDiff at Hound’s Tor, mind.

@Mark_W, I’ll be happy to do some relaxed stuff. Maybe we could do one day near Torbay on the sea cliffs, one day on Dartmoor (maybe the Dewerstone, or go do Suspension Flake and surrounding on Hounds Tor?)

Anyway I’m sure we’ll have numbers and make it work. The bouldering is also superb on Dartmoor, and so I’ll be taking my crash pad for evening fun.

Cheers Paul, that sounds awesome.

Looking to see if can make it, and stay bit longer.

Seconded that Dartmoor has plenty at all grades including some decent length routes and is not far from Torbay. Hay Tor and Hound Tor (and the excellent Hound of the Basketmeals food van) and Dewerstone (beware the squirrels)

Also lots of bouldering in the Golden Triangle including at amenable grades and up. Excellent online guides at

I’m keen to do this:

Great idea!

Hello hello. I am interested in this too. My girlfriend Naomi would like to come along too if there is space. We unfortunately both need a lift!

Ah, thanks for the reminder. I would also need a lift down there.

I’ve got one space in the Kangoo. I’m sure others, equipped with more passenger-friendly cars, will be persuaded to join!

Also keen!

Is anyone interested in extending the trip? I can get there for the Thursday and don’t need to be back anywhere anytime soon…would be in van heading down from Stroud rather than London, can pick up from station aong the way.

Also tempted by a week in the Cottage to take advantage of dry mountain routes :slight_smile: …and roofing :frowning:

Hi all, I’m keen to join as well :slight_smile:

I’m thinking a week in the Hut in August too, Chiz. Hopefully conditions hold!

Hopefully, would like to make most of the dry weather on stuff that is usually seeping or under water! Def up for a few days in July/August