Devon Trip - 4/5 August


I have your nut Peter. Found at the abseil point.


Is the campsite recommended then?


@Tutu wins the prize. Check out the belaying thread.

Belaying Safely


Yes, the campsight is good. Reasonably quiet, a clean toilet block, level pitches. The best bit of it is that you are only 15 mins from Berry Head and what you spend extra on the campsite (it is a bit pricey) you’ll save on the parking.


Thanks Khalid; I hope to attend the Pembroke meet, so should be able to collect from you then, along with the ab rope & anchor gear (a couple of hexes and a long cordlet, I think?).


I have your ab rope Peter. Think Martin took your anchor gear? Will bring to Pembroke.


Thanks Paul


I’ve posted my photos on the NLMC facebook page.


But I don’t have Facebook :frowning:


I’ve uploaded them to dropbox as well, to save me resizing them down to upload into chat…


The photos look really good. Thanks @dabarlow




Great photos @dabarlow, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Good to see everyone had such a great trip, I’m looking forward to Devon 2019!


A few more shots from the Devon weekend


A few from me as well!