Devon Trip - 4/5 August


Nice one Matt, amazing effort you’ve put in! So glad the weather is going to be perfect for it.


If anyone who is a) going on the Devon meet, and b)will be at Mile End on Wednesday and c) has a set of sport quick draws they don’t mind lending…could I borrow said quick draws?

@tutu and myself only have one set between us and that will make working projects at Portland on Friday a pain.

They will be delivered back safely on Friday evening.


I can lend you some barely used sports draws. Main thing will be to encourage me not to forget them on Wednesday.


Cool. Once I’ve used them you can sell them on eBay for extra £££


Well remembered. The unused draw did finally sell once I labelled it used on eBay! Who knew?


The Prince William looks excellent. Thanks Matt.


This trip is looking great :grinning: Nice one Matt and Jo.


The guidebook author (Kafoozalem) had a post on UKC earlier about the state of play of the magical mystery tour exit post rockfall, if anyone has that on their todo.

I think we are going for the bank holiday, so would be interested in a report on the campsite as it looks to avoid the carnage of the roads down to Berry Head…


You are very welcome @Max_A :smiley: can’t wait!


@hughmerritt, @Mark_W; does 6.30 at Oakwood tube work for you Friday evening?


@Peter Cheers, that works for me!


Good for me.


Great 6.30pm at Oakwood it is @hughmerritt & @Mark_W. @dabarlow & I will meet you there. My mobile number is 07398718422, Mark can you give me yours?


Hello all, is it too late to join in?! Any spare spots left at the campsite? I’m hoping to drive down from Angel late tomorrow, if anyone wants a lift… Though I am still trying to convince @Kate_Davis to join!


Morning. My younger son Jules is ill with fever and my wife Caroline and I are worried about him. I am going to pull out of this climbing trip to stay home and look after Jules this weekend. @Miguel_Aguirre and @Max_A you will need to find a lift. Sorry to let you down at short notice.


Very sorry to hear that Toby. I really hope he’s better soon for you.

@Tim, you’re timing is spot on so not too late to join. Can you take @Miguel_Aguirre and @Max_A?

Imelda and I are leaving at 10am to meet my parents, who will also be staying with us: hooray! But we’ll not be coming directly back to London so can’t help with the return. JT and Laura are in a similar situation. Does anyone else have spare spaces?


Who wants a prize?

Check out my post from last night: Belaying Safely. The Petzl page has a belaying no-no on it. There’s a free prize, to be awarded this weekend, to the first person to spot the error.


Wishing Jules a speedy recovery, and sorry you’re missing out Toby. Let’s see that lifts materialise.
Tim - what time would you be looking to get away please?


OK - I’ll play. that lass in the black t-shirt is using her thumb to hold down the cam.


Is that wrong? Anyway, it wasn’t what I spotted and that’s how you get the prize! Correct to be looking at the pictures though. :wink: