Devon Trip - 4/5 August


Hi Everyone

Just to let you all know I have booked space for 19 people at Wall Park campsite for evenings of 3rd Aug and 4th Aug. The address is:
Wall Park Touring & Centry Road Camping
Berry Head

The 19 people are: me, Jo, Mark Wilkinson, Vittoria Camisassi, Sergio Cavadas, Manchi Chung, Tim McDonald, Pauline, Ian Lau, David Barlow, Matt Garrod, Andrea Rialas, Khalid, Imelda, Peter Harrison, Max Adamson, John Tomlinson, Laura Piovani, Toby.

We can add a few more if people if necessary. Payment is upon arrival at £10 per person per night - please bring cash to pay!

For everyone who are staying at Titty Witty, you need to pay on booking, so I will leave you to arrange this yourselves. Hope thats ok …

I have now started looking at the guide book… definitely up for magical mystery tour and got my eye on moonraker :slight_smile: whoop!



Thanks for organising this Matt. Looking forward for this


Thanks Matt. Could I be added to the booking for Wall Park or should I contact them myself?




@mhobby1979 could you please add @PaulSagar and myself to the Wall Park booking if not too late? thank you!


@george_margesson, @Tutu, @PaulSagar - I have added you to the list and will update the campsite with final numbers on Wednesday next week.


Thanks for organising that Matt. I will have my car with me, so can give 3 people a lift from London to Devon and back. So far I have Max in my car, so 2 more spaces going.


@mhobby1979 sorry, can I be added to the campsite booking as well? @Peter can I have a space in your car if still available?


@hughmerritt - sure, no problem. i’ve added you to the list


Hi Hugh, yes certainly.


Peter Harris

Senior Commercial Manager

IP South East

Network Rail

Tel: 07917578116



Have spoken to titty whitty and they are jappy to refund so can you add me, naomi, guy and poss @chizharward to the list and @Catrin from saturday.
Thanks matt and soz for confusing things :+1:


@mhobby1979 Could I get a space in the campsite too, please?

And @toby could I nab one of the space in your car?


me too please, although there is a slight possibility I’m working in Anglesey next week, so would probably stay up there rather than a six hour drive to go climbing!


damn, looks like I will indeed be working on Anglesey next week, so the idea of a six hour drive to Devon after a week grafting in the sun, and then a six hour drive back up the Sunday night isn’t really appealing :frowning:

Gutted, was really looking forward to warm rock, sparkling seas and cream teas, have a great trip y’all




@mhobby1979 thanks for organising everything! Could you please add Rob Powell to the list for the camp site? he would like to join the crew in this trip :wink:


Hi all,

Would anyone have a spare sleeping bag? I left mine in France…



Yup, I’ve got one in the car. Not using it in the hot weather so you’re welcome to it.


Oh hell yeah


Hey Matt, this trip is looking amazing.

Is there a pub plan for Saturday night? We are quite a big group since TittyWitty became fake news!


Hi Everyone

In response to Khalid’s prompting, I have booked a table for 20 to 25 people at The Prince William in Brixham Harbour for 20:00 on Saturday night. Their menu is available here - roughly £10 burger/pizzas - £15 steak . Hope this suits everyone - bu don’t feel pressured into this one if you’d rather eat somewhere else - just let me know so I can let the pub know.