Devon meet - 22nd - 23rd July


@Vilius that’s great! When and where do you want to meet?



Yay thank you @Vilius that would be great. @mortim91 do you want to climb together to share on racks / ropes? Or I can also just bring all my stuff


We will be leaving from Hatfield. I can leave as early as 16.30-17.00. We are you located and when you can leave? I’ll try to plan our route accordingly.


Thanks, Vilius, would be great if I could catch a ride with you :slight_smile: Will send you a message separately about timings etc.


@Catrin, i’m afraid I haven’t got a trad rack or ropes, but I would still
be keen to climb together if you don’t mind sharing your gear? I can bring
a pile of quickdraws, slings, and a sports rope (for abseiling) if any of
that would be useful…


Is there anyone who is bringing an ab rope? Or knows what is necessary - a quick look at a guidebook for baggy point suggested a 60 might be required for some of the longer approaches.


I have just spoken with @khalidqasrawi and he can lend us his static rope for the abseil. I have a 30m dynamic which we can use for a handline to get to the top of the abseil. it certainly looks like a place for adventure! :slight_smile:


Awesome - thank you @khalidqasrawi


Hi Everyone - just to confirm that I have booked campsite pitches for @dadler, @mhobby1979 and @jo_keogh. (@andrew booked himself already)

@Tutu - do you need a place or are you wild camping?

Team @Vilius - similarly let me know how many places you want booking and I’ll book them if I can - assuming there is still space! The weather currently looks ok (some rain/some sun!) - see but the confidence is still marked as low. It is still 5 days out though so it remains anyone’s guess! :slight_smile:



If need be, I probably have a few semi-static glacier ropes in my van. I’ll
make no promises though, my gear is quite scattered around…


Hi Matt - I’ve booked myself and paid already, thanks :slight_smile: Looks like there’s still some space :slight_smile:


@mhobby1979 I think I should be fine wild camping, i’ve only got a bivy bag anyway


Looks like I’m not going to be able to make it this weekend. Have a great time! Hope to see you all in Pembroke. Johannes


Hmm, weather is looking a bit pants (perhaps too early) - thoughts on alternative climbing spots which are drier?


Portland or Swanage? it’s always better on the south coast!


Heavy rain on Saturday during the day in Devon (and rain pretty much everywhere else too), so will probably head to Portland on late Saturday, 2 spaces in the car going (apologies). @dadler will need a lift to Devon however - if anyone can take him that’d be much appreciated.


Am going to give this trip a miss, sorry! Looking a bit too wet for
camping. Hope you have a good weekend



@andrew is there any chance I could join on a Portland trip? or will I be a bit redundant if I have no climbing partner? maybe someone else wants to go? I can actually be very speedy on the rock :smirk:


Of course - Portland was your idea!


Oh that’s great, thank you! let me know when and where you’ll be leaving from and I’ll be there :grin: I can bring some extra gear if needed!