Devon meet - 22nd - 23rd July

I’ve never been to Devon before so that and the combination of my birthday weekend means I’ve been nominated to organise the July meet :wink: so let’s climb and eat cake!

There’s just about a month to go until the Devon meet, 22nd - 23rd July. Heading to Baggy Point (expertly recommended by Dave Barlow as a regular haunt of the club), it looks great - a home to some big slab climbs. We’re planning on booking a camp site that’s practically on the beach and within walking distance to the climbs (see Let me know if you’re keen to go and I can reserve camping spots and start planning lift shares etc :slight_smile:

Hi Jo - I’m definitely keen :slight_smile:

Hi Jo, me too! Would need a lift.

I should have said as well- I would need a lift too. I will come with percy pigs :slight_smile:

@Tim_McD and I will be leaving Friday night, returning Sunday evening. We’ll have @jo_keogh and @mhobby1979 in our car. Looking forward to it!

I would love to come but I’ll narrowly miss it - sadly I’m not getting back
to Devon from Malawi til the 24th :frowning:

I would also like to come but will need a lift or otherwise to coordinate transport

Matt & Jo will be going up in another car now… so @MattGee and @Kate_Davis, you both have first refusal on spaces in our car. Going up Friday (leaving our place in Finsbury Park, 6.30pm), returning Sunday evening.

Hi Manchi, if I could get a spot that would be awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m so excited for this!

So we have confirmed numbers so far:

and possibly Caroline and @Jimbo!

Any other takers?


I was also thinking of joining in the fun! Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

I would be keen to come along as well, just wasn’t sure if there would be a spare car spot. @Kris would I be able to get a spot with you?


I think my car is full already.

Am planning to come as well but will be driving from Cardiff so not very
useful for lifts…


Unfortunately my car is already full (with Tim, Kate and Matt G), so I
can’t offer any more lifts.

It’s definitely worth coming forward if you need a lift, as the more buzzy
this meet gets, the more people want to get in on the action, and hopefully
bring their set of wheels :slight_smile:

I’d be keen if I can get a lift!


Ok no worries. Yes - if anyone else is considering driving then please let me know!

Hello :slight_smile: I’d be keen if there’s an odd number of people and someone with another car comes on board, although looks like there are too many people in need of one! otherwise looks like a pain to get to by public transport…

Hi Manchi, hope this is no inconvenience but I am now getting a lift with Kris (as she can leave early) unless she says otherwise, so there is now a space in your car again (pending Kris confirming my space in the quote uncomfortable backseat unquote)…

Yeah @MattGee , @Jenny and I are sneaking off at 2pm from work, you are welcome to join us.

Are you ready to be uncomfortable…