Devon meet - 22nd - 23rd July


Embarrassingly, having seen that the forecast now is pretty good for Devon, am now coming - giving lifts to @dadler & Kate. Not yet heard back from @Tutu, but if she’s not able to come tonight, then might be able to give another lift. Setting off from New Cross at 7:30 pm.


And an update on @Vilius 's car - we will be comic to Devon also but setting off tomorrow morning. Wooohoo


haha - the joy of the british weather! :slight_smile:


Yey - see you all tomorrow :slight_smile:


Or tonight!


@Vilius - bit of a cheeky request…there wouldn’t happen to be a spare space in your car? (happy to sit in cheap seats!). Well up for this, but stupid deadlines at work prevent me leaving tonight.


@Paul_H - you are lucky - there is one :wink:


Awesome :grinning:. Will message you my number.


We have launched - ETA probably 1 am. How about you guys, Matt and Jo?


Hi all, what is the plan for this evening? Are you headed to a pub? We are on our way from cheddar so probably not there until half 9. If you are ordering food can you let us know when Last orders are? 07713913092


Devon was fab!

Some photos over on the Facebook page:

Add more if you have some you’d like to share

Thanks @Kate_Davis for my wonderful cake :slight_smile: and to all who came on the meet - it was brills!


Thanks for organising/sharing the b’day @jo_keogh & @mhobby1979 - class weekend!