Devon meet - 22nd - 23rd July


Hey @Manchi - would that mean I could nab his spot in your car?


One week to go!

There’s three people looking for a lift - @Tutu, @dadler and @jobangles, right?

Is there anyone else who is considering coming along that has spaces to fill?!


Yes, I was hoping to come and am looking for a lift.


I’ll be driving down - 3 spaces in the car (@Tutu, @dadler, @jobangles ?). Do I need to rush to book the camping, or is there plenty of space going?


yes I’m still keen on a lift! when would you be setting off @andrew? and also, how many people are going altogether? (in terms of climbing partners, gear etc)


It’s leading so racks required.

Confirmed climbers are:
@eulee_seow - are you partnered up Eulee?
Me and Matt
Manchi and Tim
@Kris with @Jenny and @MattGee in the car leaving at 2pm Friday
@andrew with @dadler, @Tutu and @jobangles - Johannes, are you confirmed?


Pre-book on this website if you want a definite spot - they know we are coming but they won’t reserve a spot without a deposit so it’s probably best to boom separately:


I’m keen, am in need of a lift though


Tim and I have had to change our plans for the weekend as we now have my cousin’s funeral to attend so won’t be able to make the Devon meet.

The lovely @Kate_Davis and @Catrin are in need of a lift. Can anyone help?


Sorry to hear that Manchi.

Caroline and I are thinking of coming down and so would potentially have
two spare spaces. We’re not 100% yet though and so don’t want to promise
lifts yet!

Sorry to not be particularly helpful yet



Yes was planning to climb with @Kate_Davis if rides are possible


Okay to make this easier I can reserve camping spaces so we know we’ve got them and the club agreed to cover any costs incurred.

Can I get a confirmation that the group is happy with that, let me know if you reserved already, by Monday.


To be clear, the club will not be covering the accommodation costs - sorry for any confusion!

However, I will book the campsite on Monday night on my personal credit card. Happy to pay for people on the promise they pay me back in Devon.

Its £12 per night, which I appreciate is quite expensive but its on the beach and its clearly going to be super sunny with ice cream and awesomeness… :smile: if you want to know more, we’re proposing to stay at

Confirmed people, with confirmed transport, currently are:

Can you confirm you would like me to reserve you a place at the campsite? I’ll book you a place if you confirm.
If you’ve booked yourself, just let me know too so we know we’re not double booking! :slight_smile:

Other folks keen to come but currently lacking a ride to get there are:

However, others may be going and may have space in cars - confirming later in the week

Hope that all makes sense - really looking forward to next weekend!


Wow, looks like it’s going to be a fantastic trip. I wish I could come too.

Nice job organising @mhobby1979 and @jo_keogh.


Does anyone know if wild camping is possible around there? if not, I would please like a place on the campsite. And… um… is there anyone not partnered up who would like to climb with me? I don’t know many of you I’m afraid. I don’t have a full rack but got a few bits and pieces like cams and tricams and offset nuts and a rope.


Hi Matt, I’ve just booked/paid for myself, cheers


Hi, can you put me down as a maybe, waiting to see what the weather’s like
before committing. (May also drive down Saturday morning)



Hi everyone.

Ieva and I are joining the party. We are going with a car so have some space for lifts. @Catrin, @Kate_Davis - you are welcome to join.

How busy the camping gets? Is it possible to book it just before weekend? I’m a bit worried about the weather. If it turns out to be rainy weekend there - I think it’s worth changing the location.


Yippee @Vilius that’s great news!! Thank you.

I think Me and Matt will be going for definite and hopefully a few others too. It could all change yet so maybe hold off to decide that until Wednesday/Thursday? I have faith - it’s always sunny on my birthday :smiley:

Wild camping possible option:

There’s a few van options too -


I’d like to throw my name into the mix if that’s OK!

@Vilius is there room for a 5th person in your car? No worries if you’re
full with four!



@mortim91 - sure there is.