Autumn Working Meet 13-14th October


be good to see you again Nigel.

Given the forecast weather I’ve had to postpone the log delivery til the sunday morning, whether it will get all the way up the track is a moot point so we may be ferrying up the logs!

We may need to postpone the slating til Sunday as well, hoping not necessary.


Chiz, I’m on my way to screwfix in 30 mins (for my own elecrical work here in London).

Do we have any tap washers at the cottage? If not, I will get some. Do you want me to get anything else?


couldn’t guarrantee we have them, but almost certainly do!

Think I have everything else covered, cheers

With the delay of the wood delivery to Sunday morning we will be very low on logs so if you have room could you get a net of logs at a garage? Want to make sure we can get people warm and dry quickly given the weather forecast. We have some odds and sods left in shed too, but don’t want to run out!


Pissing down at the moment and more due tomorrow. And Saturday. Hopefully Sunday better.


Short note to say thank you to all the club members who turned out for a very productive and enjoyable working meet, think there were 17 of us.

Despite pretty foul weather we finished slating the shed roof and have just a couple of ridge tiles to add, then we’ll fit weather boards and a gutter. We’ll sort these at the Spring Working Meet, clear the rubbish and old paint tins and fit it out, no more clutter…you will actually be able to find what you are looking for in there!!!

We also got delivery of four cubic metres of seasoned logs, which filled all six bays on the log store, despite that having a volume of over seven cubic metres… so I think we got a good deal there. Thanks to all for the human chain passing the logs up the hill!

There is a small amount of dry wood under a tarp at the back door, please use this up before the wood in the store, and please do be sensible with the log supply. It should last us well into the new year if used carefully. There is no need to have the fire going full bore all day and evening, last year a group got through two bays of wood in under a week. That is not acceptable useage!

We also gave both properties a deep clean, laundered the bedding, painted walls, swept chimneys, and did a fair few smaller jobs around the place, replacing broken electrical fittings and installing two new USB charger/13Amp plug fascias in the Cottage to help with phone charger spaghetti.

There is new racking in the kitchen where the old oven went. This is a bit less sturdy than the other racking, but we can beef it up, it does give us an extra 5 shelves for food storage so that is very useful.

Thanks to Guy et al for lasagne and Catrin for the crumble, and Matt, John and others for cooking breakfast, and to everyone who came up, cheers!




Thank you to everyone who painted, plastered, hammered, hoovered, washed, cleaned, mopped, counted, cooked, drove, debated, ate, drank and laughed.

It was a super fun weekend. The foul weather didn’t dampen spirits but reminded us what a privilige it is to have the cottage. That’s why we look after it.

@chizharward, you worked the hardest of all. The planning for the weekend is days of work, you turned up before everyone else and on your own, carried the slates up from the barn, then all weekend, you worked non-stop. The biggest thank you is for you: you are a star.


Yes, big thanks everyone and especially Chiz for mobilising and coordinating all the hard work.


glad you enjoyed it Khalid. Yes it’s a lot of work, even with Damian etc, but it’s worth it in the end. Especially when so many members come along to help keep the huts in great condition, that makes it feel worthwhile.

What doesn’t make it feel good is when members don’t report breakages, or when tools disappear, or when the place is left filthy even though a dozen people were there over a weekend :disappointed:

If anyone is interested in taking over as Hut Warden please get in touch.