Autumn new members meet 9/10 Sep


Just an idea…but when it was rainy my gran used to put on an indoor picnic. Anyone fancy an indoor interim new members meet sat or sunday? Then perhaps pub and dinner?


Sounds like a great plan - Sunday would work well for me


Hi, I wasn’t going to be able to come away this weekend anyway, but would definitely be up for meeting some new members. Saturday best for me.


Either day works for me.


That’s a great plan. I’d prefer Saturday


Super dooper. Saturday good for me too. Vittoria may be up for it too. Come on @mortim91 . Be great to see you there! How about the castle? 1pm?


Or earlier followed by a nice lunch?


I am up for a session at the castle


The Castle is emptier earlier… though it might just lead to a beer drinking afternoon session :smile:


Ha ha ha!! Heaven forbid!


I’m not around on Saturday sadly - have fun!


I’m up for the Castle tomorrow as well :slight_smile:


Sounds good - will bring my rope along tomorrow


I’d be up for a castle session sat or sun :smiley:


Saturday sounds good to me too…


It sounds like going a bit earlier then having a nice lunch (+ beers) it’s the plan! what time? around 11?


It all depends on how keen you are. The Castle opens at 9am…


Hi all.

I’m new to climbing and wanted to do some indoor climbing I was looking at the castle website and they have a 1 day intro coarse for £75 I’ve climbed before and have some experience, should I do that coarse or just fined some experienced climbers to climb with instead?

Sorry for butting in off topic.

Any advise would be much appreciated thanks…:ok_hand:


Ill be there at 11! Shamazing! X


I can be at the castle around 12, or maybe even earlier.
P.S. can I please get an honorary “NLMC member” badge next to my name?
I want to be cool! :sunglasses:

@markoconnor2012 it depends on your experience – if you haven’t done ropes before, you can either sign in for bouldering only without supervision, or come with someone more experienced who will register as your supervisor and teach you the ropes. If you’ve climbed with a rope before and know how to tie a knot and belay safely, then you could register as an unsupervised rope climber and join a free weekday group session at 7pm. Or there are also autobelays…