Autumn new members meet 9/10 Sep

Hi everyone. Its soon gonna be that time of year again to take a trip to our cottage and for all our lovely new members to get involved in some welsh climbing!
Weekend of 9th and 10th september.
Capel curig north wales
Communal meal on the saturday night.
So save the date and sign up here!


Hello! I love to join :slight_smile: and looking for a lift… :slight_smile:

I’m also keen :slight_smile: (also would be looking for a ride)

Hi everyone,

Would be keen to join as well but I’m not an official member yet.

I’ll be going to the Castle next Monday to try to find “sponsors” for my membership :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I want to join as well :wink:


I will probably not be around on Monday evening, but there are usually a few members go along. Being a club member os not compulsory for going on the new members meet but it is an advantage. You can typically meet lots of members on a Wednesday night at the Palm Tree.

@bullopolis Per the NLMC calendar, is this not scheduled for the following weekend?

Hi omar. Unfortunately as new members sec i cannot make the 1st and we couldnt change the calender. Hope you can make it!
Interest forming? Any drivers out there? Beep beep! :thinking:

I’ve moved it to 9/10th on the calendar.

Hi I’m keen also ( and not a member yet).
Will check availability and try to free up the weekend. When do people normally get there - Friday pm or Saturday am?

Friday night.

I am keen to join!

I’m keen to join! I wont be able to leave london until 7:30/8pm - any
chance of a lift??


I’m going to be able to nab a car for this trip, although I will likely need to drop it off in Amersham (end of met line) Sunday evening.
I’m near Arnos Grove/Southgate.


I’m keen if there’s a car space going after everyone who expressed interest in a lift before me grabbed theirs!

FYI Barn is also free that weekend now and will keep it so n case you need more bed spaces!

So we got:
@vittoria_camisassi @Kate_Davis @Tutu @krisk @khalidqasrawi @janderkran @Pauline @Catrin @Omar and @mortim91 and me thus far and poss 1/ 2 cars from Kris and Khalid. Awesome!
Options are:
Hope a lovely soul ot two comes out of the woodwork with a cars😉
Relocate meet to stanage, where we can get a train to hathersage and camp
Or hire cars/ minibus. Poss expensive and a bit of a faff.
Things will resolve over the next few days. Watch this space. One thing is for sure. We’ll defo sort summat! Its gonna be a blast :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::boom:

Thanks sarah for the barn update! But i think we’ll be ok this time!

I would also like to come.

Hi everyone,

Sadly I am not going to make it this time. I am going back to France for that week end for my dad’s retirement party… Probably not as much fun as some welsh climbing but well…