Autumn new members meet 9/10 Sep


Mr @bullopolis,

I’m afraid that I can’t join the new member’s meet this time round which is very sad for me because it sounds like it’s going to be another amazing story.

About cars and drivers, they always turn up, just later on folks, when they know for certain they can come. Speaking as a driver, I know I don’t want to commit until closer to the meet because I if I do find I can’t go for one reason or another, I let down all the passengers. I will put the issue on the agenda for the next committee meeting.


Soz dave, you had told me! Missed you off the list…it was late :flushed:


@L_Pio and I also want to come. Also looking for a lift.


I would also like to come. I’m looking for a lift there but have a lift back - with one space if helpful!


Hi guys. After chatting to the club, thinking of hiring a car to take up to 5. Should be about 70 quid ish so 15ish each. Whos in? That leaves us needing 1. @Alison @dabarlow @Peter @hughmerritt @Max_A any interest?! @jrtomlins any chance you have access to a car? Forecast is bright welsh sunshine😉


Have started a little chart to see where we are.

Hope this works. Wasnt sure on gear. Could do with a bit more to make pairs.
Also 15 at the mo. Have i missed anyone?
Can you fill in any bits.


Hey Martin - for some reason I can’t edit the spreadsheet, but I can bring twin ropes and a rack :slight_smile:


Oh also also I’d be happy to share the cost of a hire car :slight_smile:


I can’t edit the spreadsheet either because the access is set to “view only”. But contrary to what it says, I have neither twin ropes nor the full rack :pensive:
I do have my “sport rack” if that’s helpful (single rope, draws, biners, slings, and also a few bits of trad gear i.e. tricams, offsets, a couple of cams) Which could work for at least the slate quarries?
I will share the hired car if that’s the only option. However, I can’t share the driving as apparently I’m no longer allowed to drive in the UK with my Russian license :unamused:


Sheet updated with editing.


I think my new plan is to get the train from Euston on Saturday morning at
7.46am to Crewe and then get Hobby to pick me up. We have space for another
and we’re driving back to London if anyone wants to join. Sorry we can’t
take anymore people right now :frowning: conversions are in slow progress!


@jo_keogh in that case, may I join you on the way there and back to London?


Sure thing :slight_smile: I already booked my ticket. Get on it now - they are cheap!

Departs Arrives By Reservations
07:46 - London Euston 10:24 - Crewe TRAIN (London Midland) No seat reserved
with this ticket*


just booked mine – they really are cheap! :grin:
so that’s one person less to fit into a car from London…


Thats great news. That leaves 11 for cars and lifts. I may be able to borrow a mates golf or will hire.
Only probs is looks like considerable rain all over the country except swanage/portland. Maybe a potential last minute change of venue if others are up for it?
We will defo do something though so and fingers crossed that things improve wales way so watch this space.


Ha, I was so excited that I haven’t even checked the forecast! keep forgetting I’m in Britain. Wales might improve, still four days to go…


hmmmm That’s an excellent point. I too didn’t check the weather! Let us
know what the plan is for sure! :slight_smile:


It’s looking very wet at the moment, almost everywhere…


Hi guys. Well after much deliberation the weather is looking so bad across the country that i am very sorry to announce that i am postponing the new members meet. It will now be on either of the last two weeks of october.
Again super sorry but it seems even my sunshine optimism wont change this one!
Thanks so much for everyones interest to this point but i thought i should let you know sooner rather than later so you all can make other plans.


Sorry to hear but it sounds like a wise choice if the weather looks bad all across the country. It’s Britain! what can we do :slight_smile: