Autumn new members meet 9/10 Sep


Forecast has improved for Sunday - thinking about driving to Portland tonight/first thing Sunday - let me know if keen


I would be keen!


Plus a few of us are in the wells if anyone is about the castle


I’m keen!

Is anyone driving down tomorrow?


I’m keen on Portland!


Sorry to post on this thread, but I still have no permission to create my own, despite joining the club :unamused: Will I ever be able to? I don’t want to keep trolling other threads!
Anyway, just wanted to ask if anyone is planning a trip anywhere for this w/end Sept 23-24?
There’s Gower climbing festival happening…


Sorry Tutu, I thought I had done it. Sorted now. Let me know if you still have problems creating posts


ah thank you :relaxed:


okay I’m sorry I tried my best but I’m still not able to create a new topic :confused: (it doesn’t let me pick any category to post it in or “add New topic” directly in Trips & Meets). I’m just going to stop trying and wait if anyone posts something about this weekend…