Yorkshire meet 9th-10th 2018


Yeah! Climbing!


Withering heights inn is all booked up :frowning:

Breaks fold farm is available but I need to book online apparently so if you haven’t said so already please can you let me know if you’re coming? Otherwise I will book it for 5 of us? Or 6 of Peter is in?


I think that I am going to go.


I’m in. Happy to drive or to drive up to Peter or David’s house.
Does the Breaks Fold Farm allow arriving at 12pm?


More importantly, does the Breaks Fold Farm allow arriving at 12am.


Cool. Just spoke to @dabarlow on the phone. I will drive one person and Dave will drive the rest. I can leave any time after about 4pm. @catrin @MattGee either of you want to ride with me?


I can’t get out of work earlier than 4. Can feasibly get to somewhere in north London by 6, so I guess @dabarlow had better give me a pick up location.


Leaving at 6 is fine. But let’s see what @Catrin says


There are 6 of us. Paul will leave from Bow and can leave earlier, so who is best to go with him? Then there’s 4 leaving from Enfield around 6 (Enfield Chase Enfield Town t Oakwood on the Picadilly line). As long as everyone sits out camping and climbing gear we should be sorted, assuming @Catrin has booked the campsite. No doubt we’ll end up with at least 6 racks between us…


I’d prefer to leave from Enfield, it’s only 15 minutes from Seven Sisters. I can bring a 30m rope if needed and have packed a basic rack of cams/slings/krabs/offsets/qdraws which I don’t mind dumping if everyone else wants to bring their rack, or I can add more wires and bring it. Not packed a stove but could bring if needed.


I can’t leave work till 6 which is a bit of a pain - sorry. I could get to bow area for 18:30 or Oakwood for 18:50 ish.

Also, vittoria is also keen to come along. Any chance we could fit five in yours David?


Cool, I’ll go with Catrin whenever she finishes work. And I always take my rack - it’s far too shiny at present! Also, the bouldering mat is packed, for novelty value.


@MattGee I think we have enough racks without you having to bring yours, unless you have any special pieces you want to bring. Ditto about your rope.


Great, thanks David. I might bring more food then :slight_smile:


@MattGee which station works best for you, and what’s your predicted arrival time. Vittoria is also now coming, arriving Oakwood at 18:40 so you have more time available now.


I could get to any of them relatively easily by then. If I go to Oakwood will that suit you best/be the most efficient way to do it?


Sure, that works


I’m driving now so count me out of your car please David. Weather looks great. Anyone else interested in a last minute space in my car?


Great weekend guys! Here’s a few action shots…


@PaulSagar which climb is Katrin on in that “vaguely” steep photo? :laughing: