Yorkshire meet 9th-10th 2018

Hi all,

Who is keen for a trip to Yorkshire? Grit? Limestone? I propose aiming for Almscliffe but perhaps camping somewhere easily accessible for other crags. If anyone has any suggestions otherwise then let me know.

Please post if you are keen to come along and whether you have car spaces.


Definitely in. Would love to go to Almscliffe, but am happy for whatever, really. I haven’t climbed grit for ages, and will no doubt embarrass myself. All good fun.

One space going from Bow, Friday evening. Could come back on Monday.

Don’t care about where we camp as I’ll sleep in the Kangoo as per.

I’d be up for this too, only done a few routes at Almscliffe, quite fancy Eastby or Rylstone as well, although Eastby may be currently partly bird-banned…

I’ll be keen ( live in York), up for limestone, mainly kilnsey

I think @Catrin and I had vague plans of embarrassing ourselves on grit, but I’m easy.

The more the merrier!

@dabarlow - which guide book(s) should I be adding to the collection?

Rockfax Northern England covers Almscliff and the other Yorkshire crags.

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Oh Matt, any pleb can buy Rockfax. I want the Barlow Knowledge!

Ahhh, the true knowledge you seek. YMC Yorkshire Gritstone Vol. 1?

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That’s more like it!

Yay Yorkshire psyche!

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There is a distinct lack of camping in the area.

One option would be Breaks Fold Farm, closer to Almscliffe but not sure it would be ideal for getting to a pub and dinner. https://www.breaksfoldfarm.co.uk/ - £9/night.

Otherwise we could stay at the Wuthering Heights Inn, which handily is also a pub. This is not too far from Rylstone but a bit further from Almscliffe, but there are a fair few other crags in the area. http://www.thewutheringheights.co.uk/camp/ - £6/night

@Binit-Shah - can we tempt you to grit?

Don’t know about camping near Almscliffe but I do know about climbing there. Whatever you think you can climb on grit drop at least one grade. It’s tough!

I’m probably going to avoid the grit unless the temp and humidity up here drops significantly. Spent a fair few evenings already at cliffe so either going to head to kilnsey or down to wcj to see off a route I’ve been trying.

I’ve got a pretty decent amount of cooking gear in the van - about three stoves plus a jetboil, and if I remember to pack them, pans and stuff. We could cook at the campsite? And drink beers out of cans? Would save the pub dinner issue - unless loads of people decide to come? (Although surely i’m not the only one with camping cooking gear?)

Forecast currently looking perfect…now I’ve said that it will fall apart…

Thanks Catrin, happy to go with either, both look good. Maybe the Wuthering Heights one gives us a bit more flexibility? Don’t mind using the pub or cooking up on Paul’s formidable array of stoves.

One potential issue - how many people are going and how many cars?

I have a car…but can only take one other person. Matt and Catrin, neither of you drive right?

Anybody else want to come? @dabarlow, you’re usually up for a trip! @guyarnold is in Norway I think.

Nope, not a driver. If transport is an issue I do not mind dropping out, I have lots to do at home!

@MattGee - there should be space - definitely come along! I think we’ve persuaded @dabarlow and @khalidqasrawi with @Peter as a maybe. Anyone else psyched?

Probably staying at the wuthering heights inn - I’ll give them a call tomorrow