Yorkshire Meet 16-18 July

Yes folks, it’s back! Not since 2018 have we ventured (officially) into God’s Own Country (or county? Or both?) to climb on The Best Crag In The World (what do you mean you don’t know? Almscliff, obviously!)

Don yer flat 'ats and rev up yer whippets, it is time to sign up for The Yorkshire Meet

This whippet can climb E3 which is 'arder than you southern lot

Ahem, sorry, that should be…

T’Yorksheer Meet tha knaws!

With a wealth of opportunities to climb on the finest crags in the world such as Almscliff, Almscliff and Almscliff…oh alright then…

In the gloriously blessed lands north of Leeds we also have:
Eastby Rocks, small but pleasant with good lower grade routes
Caley, some very good bouldering
Ilkley, lots of good routes in the shady quarry if it’s very hot
The Chevin, also a small selection of good routes if hot
Rylstone, out on the moors and one I’d like to visit in order to humiliate myself on Monument Crack
Brimham, where you will get lost in a world of slopey things

However if you’ve not been to Almscliff before you really should, most routes contain jamming and crack climbing but not quite all and there’s many a 3 star classic from HVD to E3 plus the walk-in is quite short and the cows are friendly.

Spreadsheet below ready for names, once I have an idea of numbers a campsite will be booked.


The Food Problem
Irritatingly the current Covid restrictions have now been extended to the Monday after this meet, so we won’t be able to go to the pub in groups larger than 6 (someone correct me if I’m wrong). This means we can:
Book more than one table for groups of up to 6 or just book outside tables
Get a takeaway, Yorkshire being the home of proper fish’n’chips
Cook on the campsite, which means everyone can drink because jamming cracks with a hangover are way more fun

I’ve added a column in the spreadsheet for preferences and we can plan accordingly…

This Yorkshireman will be delighted to see all you southern softies at his crag

Outside the pub is now okay for groups of up to thirty, so if the weather’s good enough to climb…

Knew I’d missed something thanks @Sarah_Rae
Otley has a number of excellent pubs including the one we used last time which is the Square and Compass http://www.thesquareandcompass.com/

I live in Leeds so can climb with people Friday etc do not need camping and keep me out of numbers if lots of people on list. Can tell you the easier vs routes etc at almscliffe! Birds nest crack hs4b is a good classic outing. Saying that the moderate has a 4b move. Dan. Get in touch if coming early!

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yes yes yes
only a bit more than 1hr by train from manchester. I’m in

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Annoyingly we have booked the barn (and paid non member rates!) that weekend so we will have to give this a miss which is gutting as I wanted to sack off Almscliff and go and do some pumpy Yorkshire limestone sport because I feel off a HS at Almscliff once so it is clearly rubbish.

We can always do a second one. Anyway you’ve improved a lot since then!

Errr well I improved a lot and then a did a lot of unimproving in between so I’m not sure where I am now compared to then

If falling off something makes it rubbish then my personal experience is that Yorkshire Limestone is pretty terrible…

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Ee by gum. Don’t forget to visit the Yorkshire Pudding Museum. Great puddings and tea and cake.
Allen B, wjho is frequent visitor to Yorkshire, Yeh Whot? Father of that gteat orkshire man Dan B.

Naaaaah then!!! I’m in! :grin:

Okay Yorkshire meet folks, transport update
The following need a lift from London:

Tom if he has no van (@Tom_Blake how many passengers could you take if you did have the van?)

Peter has 3 spaces so we need another vehicle. @Sarah_Rae is kindly willing to hire but would like someone else to share the driving, any volunteers please?

Avec van I can take one person or two sardines. It’s comfy enough up there but be comfortable with your buddy’s personal odours and excretions.

I’m happy to share driving if needed :slight_smile:


Thanks George! Can I leave you two to work out the details?

Also…in light of the recent Cornwall meet I would politely suggest (but certainly not insist) that you get tested for Covid a day or two before attending this meet. Attendance is absolutely not conditional on being tested and I won’t be asking anyone, just relying on everyone to be responsible for their own and everyone else’s safety :slightly_smiling_face:


So I can borrow Marianne’s car, but turns out it’s ridiculous to put anyone else on the insurance - so George you’re off the hook :sweat_smile:
Can take two passengers, three would be a squeeze…

I am still unsure if I can make it, as I’m away the week before and we don’t yet know where we will be (chasing the sun!)

Would I be able to confirm closer to the time?

No problem Lottie, especially if you are travelling under your own steam. I wasn’t intending to start booking anything until next week.

Ah, I see what I’ve done, wrong chat! Sorry, that was meant for the Lakes trip end of July! Will look at diary for this one

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Hi All, we will drive up on the Friday (me, Naomi, Tim Clunan, and our dog) with Tim and I looking to climb. We have booked a separate dog-friendly campsite just to make things a bit easier (spreadsheet updated),