Yorkshire Meet 10-11 June

Once again the club’s now annual Yorkshire Meet looms. Come and sample the steep jamming delights and entertaining easier routes of Almscliff, get lost among the sculpted oddities of Brimham, walk miles uphill for the rounded gritty fun of Rylstone, or even check out the huge bouldering possibilities of Caley (@Sean!)

Meet type: Trad single pitch and/or bouldering

When: 10th/11th June 2023

Location: Yorkshire Dales between Harrogate and Skipton.

Skills & Experience level: Basic - Lead belaying. Single pitch and walk off the back mainly.

Equipment required: Basic, it’s single pitch trad or bouldering. Abseiling kit is useful but unlikely to be necessary (helmet, harness, belay device, rock shoes, personal anchor and prussik loops (x2) and ideally some additional personal kit (slings, carabiners). You’ll get away with a 30m single rope on most things. Main route guide is Rockfax: Northern England.

Logistics: nothing unusual - this is a camping meet. I will try to book a local pub, either the Bridge Inn at Pateley Bridge or the Square and Compass in North Rigton.

Accommodation: Westfield Caravan Park have confirmed we can have the same space as last year
Westfield Farm Caravan Park
54.093220811943425, -1.802581858064764

Transport: As usual please look at the sign-up sheet and arrange transportation, best is to direct message those with cars to reserve your spot and update the spreadsheet accordingly

Sign up here for the best climbing in the best county in England!
Yorkshire Meet Sign Up Sheet

Hi Matt, I’m keen to join but haven’t had a chance to get belay checked yet. Are there gonna be opportunities to do this before the meet (today or next Monday)? And should I fill the spreadsheet first?

Hi Tony, fill it in. I’m sure we’ll get the chance. I would be at the Castle today but I have a cold.

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Campsite confirmed
Home - Westfield Farm Caravan Park

count me in!

I am soo sad :sob:, I am on the stupid conference away, at the time.
Have fun!!

We could do with some drivers please! Also note that if you’re not inclined to the grit Peter has pointed out that there’s a fair amount of limestone trad and sport in the area too…
UKC Logbook - Attermire Scar (ukclimbing.com)
UKC Logbook - Giggleswick South (ukclimbing.com)
UKC Logbook - Giggleswick North (ukclimbing.com)

Also some of us quite fancy tangling with Heptonstall…
UKC Logbook - Heptonstall Quarry (ukclimbing.com)

ah, the home of the infamous fairy steps!

That looks fun! There’s even a route for our very own Martin…Bull’s Crack!

smash through an overhang! looks great!!

Fairy steps is good. But better is Trepidation. Bull’s Crack is wild :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Try Forked Lightning Crack. Even wilder! But good fun.

Nice one Haszko…That Jesse Dutton guy did a no sight lead of it! Bonkers

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Also worth considering, an absolutely beautiful venue on perfect perfect grit…near to the masham brewerry too…home of theakstons! :grin:

Pateley Bridge Inn appear not be serving food in the evening this coming Saturday, so I booked the Square and Compass in North Rigton as per a couple of years ago.
8pm, table for 12 just in case anyone else joins in. They didn’t mind us being late last time anyway.
The Square and Compass | North Rigton

Nearly forgot this, please bring cash for the camping, I think it’s £10 a night, I’ll have a reasonable amount of change with me.

Think I’m right in saying we only have 2 cars and all the seats are already spoken for? :grimacing:

@jobangles - I’m considering a late join to this trip. Do you need a lift?

I would LOVE a lift!