Xmas Curry 2022

Hello lovely people

Could you please pencil Tuesday, the 6th of December as the date for the club Christmas/ Happy Holiday curry.

I’m a bit limited on choice of dates based on whenever I am in London for work: hopefully that could work for others?

I thought the food from last year was good but the acoustics of a small venue very challenging, at least for me. Any suggestions along similar theme i.e. supporting small business welcome.


PS Fully expecting Dave Barlow to launch a leadership bid for the Christmas curry as per previous form.

PPS More seriously would some of the older hands perhaps DM me and let me know which previous venues of the past were a rip roaring success so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel? Thanks G


Oh yes - and let me know if you can come so I can start to get an idea of numbers. Ta

Should be able to make this even though I have a conference to run on the 6th.
Traditionally the club has used a Brick Lane venue; in 2018 we used Monsoon https://www.themonsoonatbricklane.co.uk/ but opinions may differ wildly on whether this was a success…maybe limiting numbers to about 30 instead of the approximately 45 people we inflicted on them would help.

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:raising_hand_woman: I’m not away / isolating this year - yay! :christmas_tree:

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Which means I’m not away or isolating either so count me in too

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Hello NLMC

I am a new bee here, never met with any of you before!
A Xmas curry sounds amazing to me and I would like to take this opportunity to come and meet with you all. Unfortunately lock down in previous years badly affected my novice climbing experience and since then I am looking for an opportunity to get back to it, unsuccessful so far. May be meeting some inspirational people might help me to get back to it.
May I just come and say hello to you as well?
Ps 6th Dec is my working days so earliest I can be there would be 8pm ish ??

Thank you :blush:

Forgive me - are you in the club?

Are you sure you want ask that of the a young lady?


I’m sure we can accommodate

Given the fact we may have to restrict numbers, I think the Christmas Curry is priority for members only at this stage. Prospective members are more than welcome to come along to a Monday or Wednesday meet up (or even better, the working meet this weekend!) but the Christmas Curry isn’t really the time for coming along to meet members as opposed to a chance for existing members to get together to celebrate.

Of course anyone who starts coming to meets and joins the club and wants to also attend the Curry is more than welcome - it’s just that it isn’t really a “first contact” situation especially when we may struggle to accommodate existing members.

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I am keen! Just need to get the evening off work…

I am keen too!
About the restaurant, have you tried Massala Zone? There are several ones in London. I tried the one near Covent Garden several times and they have a big room for groups (or at least there was before Covid)…

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Definitely keen on this! :yum:

Looking forward to it, in the diary!

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Count me in too. Cant seem to fill in the form.

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Haha! I don’t know. Probably, yes. I have registered somehow when I first started climbing but then it was lockdown. So I am keen to join meet up etc but still don’t know what club is all about. I am still receiving emails and very happy about being in the email list, even though I cannot join :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Paul. I sure understand that. Hopefully next time when I practice enough to be a full member.
Wishing you all a fun Xmas Curry meet up!

Right you Guardian-reading tofu-eating wokerati: pay attention. Fish your glad rags out we’re going central for the curry. Post covid it’s a dystopian tumbleweed-strewn scene down there and they need our help to spice things up. I expect heels, and not just cubans for the vertically challenged. I have made a booking for 25 for a start at Taste of India on Drummond Street (near Euston) for 8 pm. Reviews are good, plenty of vegetarian options including tofu and it’s averagely priced. Oiling up will be from 1900 at the nearby Crown and Anchor. Trusssssst that works. Apologies you catch me on a high: I may have won a political bet. They don’t call me Nostradamus for nought.

So get signing up and let’s get the numbers up. 13 thus far.

Rob - hope the commute won’t be too punishing for you.

Gazza, as precisely no one calls me.


So now we know you have a thing for Penny Mordaunt eh