Wye Valley/guidebook?


Just talked to John. He and I are both OK to leave this evening. John is coming from Stratford, so easy for him to meet at Canary Wharf (as it is for me). Daniel when would you want to leave at, and from where? @hannahlee15 sorry this makes it hectic for you but OK for you to go this evening?


Yes, that works for me! Hopefully we can leave sometime after 5?


Cool, I can leave this eve and meet tomorrow morning. Are we definitely even numbers? I don’t want to go all the way to Pembroke to be in a 3!

Also, where do people usually stay? I’ll find a quiet road nearby…






Right, so here’s the deal for me:

Driving on my own, from Cambridge, I’m not so keen on a 5-6 hour schlep to Pembroke unless the weather is 100% guaranteed.

I hate to be a flake, but driving that far to get rained on isn’t very appealing.

So I think I’m going to have to say I’m in for eg Swanage, but not South Wales. Sorry for buggering up numbers, but if I don’t do all the work I am supposed to do this weekend, I need to at least be climbing instead!


I can be free from midday onwards. @hannahlee15 can you meet at Canary Wharf shortly after 5pm?

@PaulSagar unfortunately the weather is not 100% guaranteed… a couple of forecasting services (BBC/Meteo and Accuweather) show some probability of passing showers (showers not full on rain) on Saturday. Others (Met Office, yr.no and XC Weather) show Sat as dry. Everyone agrees that Sun should be sunny and dry.

Swanage is the opposite with Sunday more likely to see some showers.

I’m okay with any fairly dry location.


@PaulSagar you could anyways drive to Enfield and leave your beloved vehicle there, if you’re prepared to slum and camp?


It isn’t really the drive that bothers me - it’s the rain! If the forecast sorts itself out I’ll do the drive. But it just looks really dicey for tomorrow.

Having said that, Sunday IS dry…

Aarrgghhh decisions


Sod it. Met Office seems to say it’ll be ok Saturday further west, and good all of Sunday.

I’m (back) in.



The Wye Valley delivers again


I love the Wye Valley! Let’s go back!


Wowee! Looks amazing. I’d definitely be up for a trip there this year.


All the pics posted here look fab! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it and would be keen to go another time.


(Just so everyone is clear - this isn’t the Wye Valley! It’s Pembroke! Kind of an in-joke that developed between the pub on Wednesday and enjoying the glorious sunshine in Wales on Sunday.)


That makes more sense…there was more water than I was expecting in Wye! Love Pembroke. If only it were a little closer.


@Catrin and I did the adventurous 9 pitch VS 4b (traverse) of Craig Hebog. It was mostly in the cold shade… and don’t forget your 3 smallest cams to protect the initial “4b” pitch!

Pitch 1:

The first downclimb (ungraded): pitch 3:

The Sun! At Last! The awesome airy pitch 8:

The final pitch 9:

Here is a happy @dadler on the fun Gentleman’s Corner HVS 5b at Carreg Y Barcud on Sunday:


Well done guys! :slight_smile:


What a gentleman you are David, graciously giving Catrin all the down-climbing pitches to second.