Wye Valley/guidebook?

Hello - a few of us are thinking of heading out to the wye valley early this Saturday for the weekend. Would anyone else be interested in that? Also, does anyone have a guidebook for the area?

Arse, am away this weekend. Is currently pissing down here in the Wye, but the trees are only just in leaf this week, so should dry quickly.

It’s been a fairly hard winter here so do watch out for loose blocks and check tree belays…

I’d be interested but weather does not look great.

I’ve got one I can bring to the wall tomorrow. That’s dependent on getting over a niggle.

Some great climbing, underrated.


Thanks max that would be great!

Daniel - if the weather is shit there we’ll probs head to swanage or somewhere else a reasonable distance from london.

Guide in the bag. Forecast not too bad. Friday wet but it’s generally quick drying this time of year.

I a man definitely keen if there’s is a space going :slight_smile:

If anyone is going for a day trip anywhere, potentially interested. Don’t think can manage whole weekend.

Hi, as of the latest there might be a free spot in Daniel’s car leaving from Canary Wharf Saturday morning? If so, I would like to snag it :slight_smile:

There’s that " slight_smile" again. What on earth is it?

Hi Hannah - you are welcome to it.


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Thanks Tutu. But why does it come across as words and not a picture?

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OK - so we have @Sam7 driving from Canary Wharf, so probably makes sense for @johnw1 and me to jump in with Daniel along with @hannahlee15. Either @dabarlow or @guyarnold was going to skipper the second car I think - so @Catrin (and perhaps @PaulSagar?) was going to ride with them. Plan seemed to be to leave early Saturday morning and camp at Beeches Farm Saturday night. And in between resolve once and for all the difference of opinion which seems to exist concerning the Wye Valley.

Does that sound right to everybody? @PaulSagar can you confirm whether you are in or not?

Also, does anyone besides @barlow and @guy have micro wires/RPs/brass offsets?

I’m in for sure.

I get paid tomorrow so I’m going to “treat” myself to some offsets. But probably just regular ones.

Wye Valley @dabarlow? Will wave at you on the way to Pembroke!

ps I’ll be driving myself from Cambridge so don’t worry about me for seat purposes.

I can leave either Friday night or Saturday morning - just let me know what the plan is and I’ll aim to arrive there when you guys do.

I know, @dizz_lizzie . Despite mine and Rob’s words they all want to experience the amazing joy of climbing in the Wye valley…

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Nearly went there yesterday evening but went to the wall instead :wink: (It was raining) - I’ve nothing against the Wye - just too local :smiley: