Wye Valley/guidebook?


That sounds like a plan. What time can @guyarnold and @Catrin get to Enfield area (Enfield Town, Enfield Chase or Oakwood stations) on Saturday morning? Guy was talking about leaving ~07:00.


Sounds good - @dadler, @hannahlee15 and @johnw1 can you guys make it to Canary Wharf for 7am?


Also I’m gonna buy a guidebook, to add to the collection, and as a present to myself for not buying the “army issue” size 6 ALL BLACK DMM Dragon cam in the Mile End shop yesterday. Also, because it’s pay day, and I can only be fiscally responsible once a week.

Any suggestions on which is best? (Assuming they have any at all in the Cambridge Cotswolds.)


Yes, sounds good to me!


All the Pembroke ones! :slight_smile:


For Wye valley, the complete CC SE set, or maybe just volume 1, which covers the Wye Valley. That’s assuming you don’t want to buy any of the 3 definitive Wye valley guidebooks.


@hannahlee15 and I are both bringing a three man tent. If someone has another one that would be great (Paul presume you’ll be sleeping in the car?).



Yeah - although I do also have a tent, which people are free to borrow if they want.


7 am is good for me. Do you have have a pair of half ropes Daniel or should I bring mine?


But let me know, so I remember to put it in the car.


I have a 60m single David so if you want bring just one half.

I will also be bringing a 2 person tent.


I will bring a pair of 50m halves. Weather is looking fickle so perhaps we all stay nimble to charge to swanage or the peak depending on the forecast tomorrow night/Saturday morning? If that makes sense to others maybe @dabarlow can bring an ab rope for optionality if not any trouble?




I’ve also got a 70m that’s fine for using as an ab rope. Happy to switch to alternative locations; will likely leave tomorrow eve if it’s Swanage, as that’s a hefty drive from Cambridge.


Hi all - the weather forecast looks better for Pembroke than Chepstow. Swanage is the worst. Chepstow is expected to see a fair bit of rain on Saturday, Sunday might be dry.
How do you feel about switching the destination to Pembroke?


If we decide to switch to Pembroke we would need to leave tomorrow.


I’d say call it at mid day tomorrow (Friday)? Looking bad.


Currently, North Wales is looking the nicest…


I don’t really mind where we go, but I think we need to take a decision. I have to sort myself out soon depending on where we go and have a busy day at work so limited time for tooing and froing. As far as I understand this is the situation:

Weather: shit in Wye valley, OK Pembrokeshire (St Davids looks best on sat, bit of rain South Coast potentially on Sat), North Wales does look like the best weather but we always go there. Low tide Pemb is c. 11am, which works if leaving sat morning.

Cars: @Sam7 can leave this pm with Dave, John W and Hannah. @PaulSagar is leaving from Cambridge. That leaves @Catrin, @dabarlow and I to sort ourselves out. Catrin and I can only leave Sat early. I don’t mind driving wherever as long as we leave early enough. I can leave Islington @6am and can take both of you. All the people mentioned here would need to go for there to be even numbers.

Therefore I suggest:

(a) We go to Pembrokeshire. Aim for North Pemb as weather looks less bad and I don’t want to drive 4.5 hours on sat morning to get rained on.
(b) @Sam7 takes @dadler, @hannahlee15, @johnw1 Friday night. Set up camp.
© I take @Catrin and @dabarlow on Sat am, leaving Islington @c.6am. Alternatively we can leave from Enfield I don’t really mind - but you would have to drive David.

Does that sounds OK?

Also @dabarlow I think we’d need your ab rope!



I know @dadler is okay to leave this pm for Pembroke.
@hannahlee15 and @johnw1 are you able to depart today?
And when’s the earliest you can all get to Oakwood Station this pm?

If you can’t make today I’m also okay to leave very early tomorrow.