Working Meet, 7-9th October

Hi all,
it is the Autumn Working Meet in less than a month at the Cottage. We have a varied set of jobs to do including chopping and stacking next year’s firewood, repairing the ‘shed’, cementing in the new paths, carpentry work in the Barn, sweeping both chimleys, giving the grass a strim, cleaning and painting work at both barn and cottage, electrical works, laundering pillows and mattress covers, and checking the Barn for woodworm…

Mike P has been doing sterling work as ‘caretaker’ but his time has mostly been spent checking the properties and arranging and meeting tradespeople, so working meets are as important as ever in keeping the properties up to spec, and for making improvements -especially jobs where many hands make light work.

We are really lucky to have two properties but without well-attended working meets they won’t stay in a good state for long. All members are welcome, and there will be jobs to suit all abilities and skills. All tools and materials will be provided and there will be a communal meal at the cottage on the Saturday night -if anyone would like to volunteer as cook or assistant cook, please let me know!

It should be a really enjoyable social weekend, I hope to see as many of you there as possible. If you can come then please let me know here so we can get an idea of numbers and make sure we have enough tools, and if anyone has any particular skills then do
let us know! Likewise if anyone has any specific dietary requirements, allergies or injuries that preclude them from carrying sacks of cement up the track…

If anyone needs or can offer lifts then please also post and hopefully we can sort out some car-shares, and if we get a good turnout and complete all the jobs, we may even get a climb in!
see you at the Cottage,


Hi Chiz.
Valerie and I intend to be there.

Hi Richard, that’s great! See you both there

Just a reminder that the Autumn Working Meet is on 7-9th October, just a week and a half away. Would be great to see as many members as possible, if you are thinking of coming, please post on this thread as we need to buy communal food and plan what jobs we can get done.

We had a great turnout last time, so let’s try for the same again and get the Cottage and Barn ready for winter!

If there’s anyone passing from London who doesn’t mind a small detour at J15a or J16 of the M1, I’d really appreciate a lift to the working meet. Unfortunately, I have no transport at the moment. I’m staying in the village of Bugbrooke at the moment, I dunno, maybe 8 miles from the motorway.
Contributing to fuel obviously.

Hopefully some kindly climber can make Chiz happy and deliver this Cinderella to the ball.


Let me know if there are any tools you’d like me to bring.

Hi Rachel, great that you are coming. I’ll make this a general appeal/info shout…

If members can make it then please bring old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. There will be painting, disinfecting etc etc. If you have any work gloves that would be great.

I’m hoping for dryish weather so we can repoint the shed, that means mixing cement, so work gloves to protect hands from cement (I’ll try and bring a few pairs, but they will be large), any pointing trowels or floats, and could do with a couple more hard hats (I’ll have a couple). I’ve got shovels and wire brushes.

We have most tools we need. A spare battery drill may be handy

Can everyone let me know if you have any allergies/health issues etc that will affect what jobs you can do -just let me know on Friday evening, no need to post here.

Also, please post what skills/trades you have, we could do with a sparks and a chippy, plus the pointing mentioned above, so any general builders. There’s also a bit of plumbing to look at…

If anyone could give Kelvin/Cinderella a lift that would be much appreciated!

The more members, the more enjoyable, and the quicker we’ll get everything done…and we can then get some climbing in…BUT we do need to get the jobs done first.

I’ll be there!

Tom too- although he would like a lift from London. I can give lifts back
to London but will be working from N Wales during the week so will have the
car up there before Friday.

Love a working meet- and with some stonking communal food planned for
Saturday night… Can’t wait.



So far we have:
Naomi (can give lifts back)
Tom (needs lift up from London)
Rachel B
Kelvin (needs pick up from J15/16 on M1)

Any more for any more?

If London members can liaise about lifts etc. I’ll be driving up from Stroud, hopefully on the Thursday evening.

Manchi and Naomi have volunteered to do the communal food. Forecast not looking too bad at the moment so we can crack on with outside jobs like rebuilding the shed and chopping and stacking the next batch of logs.

HI Chiz,

I’ll be coming, I can get a train up there/cab from Llandudno on Friday night but wouldn’t mind a lift back to London (or to a rail station) on Sunday.


Hi Mike,

We can give you a lift back- as long as you don’t mind our dog, Max, being
in the car.

If you’re still around Deptford way, we are going to Charlton so pretty
easy to drop you near home.

HI All,

I didn’t realise it’s the working meet this weekend.

I had planned to bring up 2 guests this weekend to get out into the Mountains.

I’m sure we’d be able to lend a hand in the evening, or maybe the Sunday.

Is it still OK to bring them up?

Hi Dominic,
thanks for letting us know you’re coming up. It’s not really ideal for non-working members to stay as there’ll be a fair amount of tools/work in progress/half painted walls etc, and to be perfectly honest it is a bit of a wind up for those of us working hard all weekend for the benefit of the club, especially if it is nice weather out, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’ve already made arrangements.
We’ll have finished work for the day by 5 or 6pm on Saturday evening, and will then be having a well-earned communal meal and relaxing, maybe if you could give the shower block a deep clean on the Sunday before you leave?

Cheers Naomi! Yes I am still in Deptford, that sounds ideal.

HI Chiz,

thanks for your reply. I’ll have a chat with them, but maybe I’ll arrange accommodation somewhere else, and I’ll come along to the next working meet without guests.


Thanks Dom

Whilst I remember, is anyone coming vegetarian etc? We may well cook veggie food on Saturday night anyway…

I have just put in my membership application and would like to attend the meet if possible. Would be driving up from London on Friday via Stoke-on-Trent, leaving Teddington around 10am if anyone wants a slow lift up.

Manchi and I will be leaving from near Finsbury Park on Friday after work.

@Tom_S guessing you’d like a lift?
@RachelB where are you based?
@Kelvin are you thinking of going up early with Allan or in a late London car?

Chiz, I’m coming this weekend now. I’ll see if I can nab any ppe from work
(probably not tho :confused:).