Working Meet 12-13th March 2016

Hi all,
the Spring Working Meet is only a month away on the weekend of March 12th and 13th at the cottage. We have a varied set of jobs to do including changing over the propane bottles, fitting the new code-locks to the cottage, cleaning and painting work at both barn and cottage, electrical works, sorting the woodpile, taking inventories and hopefully starting work on a new woodshed.

We do have a new ‘caretaker’, Mike Pearson, but his time is limited and is mostly spent checking the properties and on smaller jobs, so working meets are as important as ever in keeping the properties up to spec, and for making improvements -especially jobs where many hands make light work.

We are really lucky to have two properties but without well-attended working meets they won’t stay in a good state for long. All members are welcome, and there will be jobs to suit all abilities and skills. All tools and materials will be provided and there will be a communal meal at the cottage on the Saturday night -if anyone would like to volunteer as cook and assistant cook, please let me know!

It should be a really enjoyable social weekend, and comes just at the right time for planning the years climbing whilst doing some painting. I hope to see as many of you there as possible. If you can come then please let me know here so we can get an idea of numbers and make sure we have enough tools, and if anyone has any particular skills then do let us know! Likewise if anyone has any specific dietary requirements.

If anyone needs or can offer lifts then please also post and hopefully we can sort out some car-shares, and if we get a good turnout and complete all the jobs, we may even get a climb in!
see you at the cottage,


I’m in for the working meet! And can provide transport from north/East London (near The Castle) on either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning (TBC nearer the time).



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@naomi_bessey and I are going and will be driving from Greenwich area.

Oh no sorry should have checked my diary first - am at a hen party that weekend so can’t make it. (This goddamn wedding is getting in the way of all my plans!)

Would love to come to the next one, I love a bit if painting and decorating…!

Me and @mhobby1979 will be coming along! I am happy to be a sous-chef for the communal meal too.

Skills: Hobby is a DIY fanatic… I am a pretty excellent painter. Is there a place to put the jobs list and then we can let you know?

Looking forward to it! :goat:

I’ll definitely be there …

Great, I’ll post more details a bit nearer to the date -some jobs will depend on the weather but we have lots to do inside both huts, cheers!

…and remember that if you can’t make the working meet this time you can still help by doing one of the ongoing jobs listed by the cottage kettles, and by letting me know if there are any issues, problems or shortages.

Hi, I will be there. Driving down from n London around mid day if lift needed. No great DIY skills but happy to be pointed at any work needing doing

Apologies! I’ve messed up my dates. Really sorry, I’m not available that weekend. Hope to make the next one!

Hi all, many thanks to those that have already let me know they will be coming to the working meet on 12-13th March. We have a handful of members coming which is great, but more hands will make lighter work, so if you want to come up for a sociable weekend helping keep the huts in good order, enjoying a fantastic meal, and hopefully getting out whilst the paint dries, let me know!


Dale and I will be there. Dale might help with the electrical stuff…

Hi Chiz.
I can’t make it to the work meet due to work commitments but Valerie will
be going. She doesn’t receive the emails about it for some reason. Can you
ensure she is on the list. She is on

@ypsell, ace! see you and Dale there, there are some lights and fans to replace if I can get the product details in time…

@Haszko, thanks for that Richard, will be good to see Valerie.
Not sure how this new email/forum system works, I will check with the boffins and see if we need to send out separate emails in future as per the old two-level system of ‘chat’ and ‘news’ or if Valerie needs adding to some list or other…

any more for any more???

And just as a general reminder to all members that the cottage will be moving over to a keycode lock on the Friday before the working meet, so you’ll need the new top secret code to get in -it was on the reverse of your new NLMC membership card. The barn code is a different code and is up on the notice board in the cottage in case of need.

There will be a prize for the first member to get locked out…

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Yes! I love prizes. And excel at locking myself out. Quite a good cat
burglar though so generally manage to get back in somehow.

I have no particular skill but would come along as well. Would be great to get a lift (iam in N London :slightly_smiling: )


@liebnitzky, great! See you there. There will be plenty of jobs that don’t require any particular skill, just elbow grease, or the ability to carry full propane bottle up the hill…

Can anyone give Jan a lift from Norf London? Does anyone else need lifts?

So far we have me, Naomi, Tom, Yvonne, Dale, Jo, Matt, Jan, Valerie and Richard (Young, not Haszko)…but still room for plenty more…so it should be a really good weekend; we’ll get lots of work done, and have a good craic at the same time. It’s looking like a good turnout, so bring rock shoes as well as old painting clothes, and hopefully we can get out for a couple of hours once we have got the jobs done. No promises -there is a long list of jobs- but if we can get everything done we will have earned it.

FOOD: Does anyone have any dietary requirements? Vegetarians/general intolerances etc etc? Would anyone like to volunteer to cook the Saturday night communal meal? Jo has kindly offered to help cook, and I will do the washing up.
If for any reason anyone drops out, or is going to join us at the last minute, please let us know so we can make sure there is enough food for everyone.

LIFTS: Does anyone else need a lift? Post if you do, or have spaces -how many spaces, and where you are leaving from and when.

I’ll be up from Thursday late afternoon, getting the propane dropped off, sorting tools, doing some jobs, and getting the keylocks installed. If I forget the code and lock myself out I shall be in the Tyn y Coed awaiting rescue…

Forgot to mention that I would like veggie good if possible and also happy to cook and wash up.

I could also leave from central London which is where I work…

If I can I will help. Drive over Friday in the day