Welcome to the new Chat

Welcome to NLMC’s new chat forum. This is a new space for the club to organise and write up climbing trips, plan wall meets, share what’s going on in the London climbing scene and generally chat.

This forum replaces the chat email list, which has seen very little usage over the last couple of years. One of the advantages of a forum is that it’s both a discussion area and a space to publish. We’ve uploaded the newsletter archive and will be adding more reports, AGM minutes and the like as we go on. Please write up your trips, post photos or feel free to pen an article for the newsletter.

The forum also allows us to discuss a wide variety of topics and group these into categories. At the moment all members will receive email updates when new topics are created in the Trips and Club News categories, alongside a weekly email summarising topics in the other categories. You’ll be asked to choose a category for each new topic you create - if in doubt, choose General Chat.

Please see the frequently asked questions page for more information on how you can follow categories and change your notification preferences. If you have any feedback or suggestions about the forums reply to this topic or get in touch with me at web@nlmc.co.uk.

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Well done and thank you stephen

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Nice, well done Steven! Looking really useful already, very easy to spot whats going on and who’s about.



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I’m making Categories the first page to see if that makes the forums a little easier to understand. Feedback warmly welcomed!!