The club's first members

Dear Friends,

This coming year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Club, July 1956. Bob Adams is the only member now remaining with continuous membership from those far off days. Not only that Bob will be 80 years old in March of 2016. I remember him as a lithe, skinny, climber with clinker and tricuni nails in his boots and wearing an off cast tweed jacket for protection, such as Winthrop Young used to wear,. He had recently come out of the Army so was relatively fit (look at him now…) although his right elbow does receive much exercise. Bob Joined the NLMC in September or October 1956, served on the Committee as Editor of the newsletter and also as President for two years for 1966 and 1967. He is also a Trustee of the Hut since we purchased the Hut and the Barn in 1970. He is also an Honorary Member as a Trustee. Up until a few years ago Bob was still active on the rocks but middle age spread did not allow him to partake in his upper years although he has tried to reduce the bulk and hoped that Richard Haszko would take him on a climb or two. However a bout of not so good health has curtailed it. A little know fact about Bob - I know he will tell me off if he reads this, but he does not have a computer- is that he is a very sensitive writer of poetry and I have put forward over the years some of his writings. I will send something to Manchi for the next Newsletter.

There are not now many of us oldies from the very early days. Bob Cheesewright, Jerry Wright,Jeff Finney, Jack Wrightman although joined in the late 50’sbut have not had continuous membership and I joined in Feb 1957. I still have my membership cards going back to those halcyon days when we were young, innocent, had little money, were mainly out of work, some climbed hard and definitely drank hard and furiously. There is a good batch of members going back to the very early days in the 1960’s, so I think this says something special about being a member of a very successful club, which has bred some good climbers, Festerers, orienteers, layabouts extraordinaire and a good clutch of members who ascended some very high peaks, plus authors of prize winning books. In our 60th year I think we can be proud of our history and we look forward to new adventures ,writings, swinging the lead and even b.llsh…ing, just like the fishermen who elongate the width of their arms for the size of the tiddler they have just caught.

I wish all members a Very Happy Christmas and a Joyfull New Year…

Happy Mountaineering.
Allen B.Bordoley


Dear Followers of the Club History.
A rather naughty error has occurred in the above greetings for Christmas and Bob Adams. I made an error in the date of the purchase of the Club Hut and Barn.
IT SHOULD READ. The NLMC purchased the Barn and Hut from Mrs Sillitoe on
7th March 1973**.

Whilst writing I made an erroneous guess… Apologies.
The purchase etc of the hut and Barn will be written up later. Allen B Bordoley


The Age of the Dinosaurs.
The recent footprints found in Jurassic rock formations recently found in Skye - a well known rock climbing area for keen grimpers, campers, lovers of mossies and those wishing to do the Skye ridge in 1 day has absolutely nothing, repeat nothing to do with the Dinosaurs of the N>L>M<>C.
Please do not make the error of putting them alongside Jurassic rock or even pre - Cambrian deposits…
James Montague Granite.

Thanks Allen, keep it up.

P.S. If Bob ever reads this thread you’ve had it!