Weekend trip 28/29th October 2017



Contrary to previous post…winter is definitely not on its way yet. Forecast looks promising this weekend - anyone up for a trip to the Peak? Anyone up for driving? Happily persuaded to go anywhere else it’s dry :slight_smile:



I’m up for going somewhere!


I would also be keen, but, if it is possible, I am flying back to London Friday evening so could only leave late Friday evening or Saturday morning.


Anyone else? @Peter?


Yes, I think that I am up for some climbing; I do have a wrist injury though, so may not be on top form.


I’m up for a trip. Is the weather looking okay?


Yes, it’s looking good. Cooler, but some sun.


Think i will be at millstone sunday …


Millstone is a great crag. Always a pleasure to to go!


Wow! Surely you’re not going to actually jam?


Penzance has the most sun but the tides are not great. Pembroke tides also not as good. Thoughts?


Me and Annette would be up for a Sunday trip to Millstone as well :wink:



Woohoo! Is anyone keen to go the whole weekend or are we all doing day trips?

Mm Penzance … I’d be keen for that


I’m thinking weekend. But I will not know until tomorrow if I can leave Friday night.


I will now be back earlier so could leave 6ish tomorrow


I’m up for the full weekend.


I am in n wales sat so only sunday for me …


Unfortunately I am interviewing at London Bridge until 5.30…


So I think the summary is:

Full weekend: David, Catrin, Peter (at London Bridge till 5:30), David Adler, Khalid (to confirm whether he can leave on Friday tomorrow)
Sunday only:(Liz in N. Wales Saturday, jamming at Millstone on Sunday), Jan and Annette.


@janderkran if you need rescuing from a station sat am let me know!