Weekend trip 28/29th October 2017


Sunday i meant!


Hi Liz,
thanks for the offer :wink:

I will check out trains but think that we are more reliant on a ride from
London - I will see.



What about North Wales? Rhoscolyn has good tides and I want to climb the routes round the corner from it.


North Wales doesn’t have quite so good a forecast as other places from what I can see - although would still be very happy to go there. The South West looks positively balmy - if people can be bothered to go as far as Cornwall or we could stop off in Devon or something. Cheddar trad I guess is now open for climbing?

Anyway, are we all trying to go in one car for the weekend? I guess we will see tomorrow what time we leave/where from? I will pack my stuff to be on stand by in case someone wants to drive tomorrow evening :slight_smile:


Sounds good. If we go sw a tent might be wise.


Peter and I have a plan. Assuming @khalidqasrawi comes, he should bring his 2 climbing ropes. Peter and I will bring all other ropes, including abseil ones. Bring tent and sleeping bags. Peter and I will bring stoves and pans, etc, for everyone. This is to fit us into one car.

Final destination to decide tomorrow. Maybe even Dartmoor… with probably 5 of us a single pitch location would be better than multipitch. Ummmm. Cream tea potential…


Departure 18:30 at Oakwood




Yeah me too @dabarlow for a rhoscolyn trip - always happy to go there! Want to do centrefold … Likely to be greasy this weekend tho - liable to rain sat and no sun sunday … So i will be indoors sat and def at millstone sunday!


I have packed ropes, incl abseil & rack; but have packed light on cooking gear, with only one stove, one pan & one expresso pot, but plenty of coffee - I was assuming that we would eat in a pub in the eve.



I will stay tuned on destination as I have yet to pack, so will bring as little kit as possible (if room for me).


The Dewerstone https://www.ukclimbing.com/logbook/crag.php?id=206 ior on the moors, staying at the plume of feathers campsite http://theplumeoffeathersdartmoor.co.uk/accommodation.html


Yay! So excited! It’s sunny! I love granite! Also can we stop by a supermarket for food?


I am assuming I do not bring ropes but do bring camping gear. Please tell me if I should bring ropes, or if I should leave rack and/or camping gear behind. Psyched!


dadler NLMC Member
October 27
I am assuming I do not bring ropes but do bring camping gear. Please tell me if I should bring ropes, or if I should leave rack and/or camping gear behind. Psyched!

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My understanding is that providing Khalid brings 2 ropes, we have enough - Khalid can you confirm?

Dewerstone sounds fun, I have never been.


Khald is bring his ropes. @dadler you can leave your rack if you’re happy to climb on other peoples.


I confirm that I’m joining you this evening. 6pm at yours David as per usual. Getting packed now. I’ll bring my two 60m 1/2 ropes, rack, West Country Climbs Rockfax and camping gear plus the minor myriad of other odds and ends that occur to me to add to my bag.


Thanks for driving David. Great trip with the added bonus of any spooky Halloween on Dartmoor and some extra special local costumes.

btw, is anyone missing a log because I seem to have come home with one in my rucksack!


ahahah. It wasn’t me - genuinely.

It was a lovely weekend, thank you all!