Trip on Mon 19 September - North Wales

As the title says, if anyone’s interested in a trip on the unexpected long weekend (17th to 19th, perhaps leaving 16th in the evening), I’d gladly join.

I would assume a stay in the hut by default but am open to options (I do not drive so whatever drivers prefer). I have a rack (no ropes though) and lead around VS

I am very interested.
I would say, Peak district is an alternative too!
Have the rack and 70m rope and I want to do lots of VSs and maybe work on a HVS.
P.s. I cannot drive. Sorry.

Would possibly be interested in the Peak, may be up that way anyway! Would also make me feel slightly less guilty about driving up to NW for the new members meet the next weekend :sweat_smile:

Interested in a weekend trip since I couldn’t make my other club meet just gone, and can’t make the new members meet with NLMC either :frowning:

Leading VS regularly for years and been dabbling with a few HVS recently. Have rack and 2 x 50M half ropes.

Can potentially drive (from Buckinghamshire - Tring/Milton Keynes or Wendover/Aylesbury), although the engine management light just came on after a long drive back from Yorkshire last weekend… :man_facepalming: I think it’s an issue with the EGR valve sensor. I probably won’t manage to get availability at the local garage for diagnostics before this weekend but will try…

Otherwise I could park in a residential area near whichever motorway you hit coming out of London and swap to someone elses car.

Happy with any venue, as long as it’s reasonable weather. In fact, if the weather turns rubbish I’d still consider a North Wales trip to rack up some more “Quality Mountain Days” hillwalking towards my ML qualification.

Happy to camp or stay in the members hut (if in North Wales).

Found out recently how easy it is to check diagnostic codes yourself, just need the £20 gizmo. You can even be an absolute cheapskate and go to eurocarparts, check the code in the car park, and then return it… :face_with_peeking_eye:

I’d be up for a trip to the Peak this weekend. I have a car (Highbury Corner) plus rack and rope. Lead S/HS and follow HVS or so. Only thing is I’d like to be back on Sunday evening. So Friday afternoon/evening to Sunday evening? Would that be of interest to anyone?

Very happy to see that a lot of people want to climb :slight_smile: Maybe there are going to be two club trips, a Peak district one and one in Wales?

Personally, as I do not have any business to attend to on Monday, I’d prefer to climb on that day and have a three days trip.

Regarding the location I am open to Peak District if more experienced members could suggest some location to stay there (preferably not a camping). But I am tempted to go to the tried and tested (and free!) hut, as JT has kindly offered to drive there from North London, where I live.

Adam, if your car is fixed we can probably meet at the hut and climb together, if it isn’t and John agrees, we can probably pick you up (that’s all up to John, of course, I don’t want to assume). On the other hand, if the car works and, again, John agrees, we can pick up Greg (if @Greg wants to climb in Snowdonia)

I can also cook dinner for those staying in the hut

I’m also going to be driving up to the hut this weekend from North London and can provide lifts where wanted. Have a climbing partner with me and not sure about the monday yet!

Hut me yp directly if you want to team up, anyone.


I’m yet to actually become a member, but would like to be (how!?). I’ve been coming down to castle sessions for a month or so now, and have met a bunch of you.

Really keen to get up to North Wales for Sat-Mon, have a car and all the gear/ropes etc.

Experienced, lead up to E3/4, happy to do whatever :slight_smile:

A bunch of people are likely to converge in the Peak this weekend I think

Surely bunch is a singular noun and therefore it should read a bunch is likely to converge.
A. Pedant.

The problem with writing it that way, Richard, is that it rather makes it sound as if the multitude shall meld into a singular entity upon arrival in Derbyshire. And I’m pretty sure we don’t want that to happen, especially at this time of national mourning.

It looks like it may be hard to organize it here.
To keep the discussion alive.
Here is a potential accommodation for the peak district option.
It’s at the farm in Hathersage.

One needs to call them to confirm booking.
I am not against camping.
Also, N Wales is good but 3days trip for me.

I missed this nsg, sorry.
@Daniel Greg is happy to climb it doesn’t really matter where as much as not in rain :slight_smile:
The weather looks good for both. The peaks are simply closer.
But the hut gives more comfort.
I’ll go where I’ll find a climbing buddy. Even numbers are good numbers :slight_smile:

Okay folks, just catching up with this. There is a Whatsapp group chat based on going to the Peak. We will probably book a bunkhouse. Currently 3 or possibly 4 cars going. I suggest that if you want to come to the Peak, let me know and I will add you to the Whatsapp. If you want to go to Wales, keep it here.

Hey Daniel,
Just wanted to say we are very happy to give you a lift to NW but we might not climb everyday as we’re going up for mushroom too. As I’m not sure how many people are planning to go to NW it might be easier to find reliable climbing buddy in the peak as there seem to be many people going.
We are super happy to take you up to the north though! :smiley:

Hi Matt, please, add me. I want to be in the know :slight_smile:

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Thanks, ordered the £20 gizmo from Amazon, should be here tomorrow so I’ll have a fiddle. Sounds like there are other car options on the WhatsApp - I’m going for Peaks so will leave this chat to the NW party as Matt suggests.

Hi Roland, are you on the WhatsApp chat for the Random/Peak meet? If not, Matt can probably add you.