The Devon Meet 2019

Roll up, roll up. Devon Meet 2019. Organised this time (for reasons I can’t really remember) by me.

Weekend of 3-4th August.

Last year we went to South Devon. It was lovely. But this year we shall go to North Devon - specifically, the Culm Coast area so that Cornwall is also in striking distance. Main attractions:

We shall stay here:

The traditional sign-up sheet is here:

Note that I shall be in the Alps until late July so details may get sorted pretty late in the day.

FRI NIGHT VID: James Pearson - The Walk of Life

FRI NIGHT VID: James Pearson - The Walk of Life

In 2008, James Pearson made the first ascent of The Walk of Life Dyer’s Lookout on the North Devon Coast. The ro…

You know you fancy it Paul

I heard it’s soft for E12

The Cornish will kill you if they hear you trying to appropriate Sharpnose for Devon…

I don’t mind so long as they kill me with pasties.

Count me in, the last one was fab!

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Just been to Baggy, it’s ace and that was just the easy stuff. Definitely in. Vicarage Cliff looks like another good lower grade option.

For those coming to the Bregaglia we are in the campsite. It’s very nice but very humid at the moment with a storm about to break. We have a good reserved area close to amenities.

I am in. Wales was already awesome

Rather a lack of cars at present.

JT, can you acquire a vehicle?

I’m driving. Got space for three more (four at a push) I think I’m going to leave Thursday night. Got to check with work to get Friday off but should be fine.

Can I grab one of the spaces if that is OK, I can do Thurs night as I have the Friday off?

Yeah and i’m going to leave thursday night. I’m not sure where we’re going to be moored yet but it might be somewhere out towards hertfordshire. I’ll let you know a plan closer to the time.

has anyone block booked camping or do I need to book my own spot?

Realised that I will still be away, alas.

Aidan, I’ll sort us a campsite don’t worry.

JT: :’(


We are SO SAD. SO SAAAAD. SUPER SAAAAD. Stupid Germany (for me)

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Hope I’m not too late to get in on this? I’ve had an annoying run of small injuries but had a decent indoor climbing session yesterday and seem to be free of (most of) them for now - just have to remember how to place gear…

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Always welcome!