Summer Solstice Meet 2022

I’m happy to finally share the details of this years summer solstice meet, as ever we’ll be heading to the ever-sunny Cornwall for a weekend of solar frivolities! Of course, there will be a BBQ on the Saturday night.

When? 17th - 19th June
Where? We’ll be heading to Cornwall and staying at Tower Parks Caravan and Camping (as we did last year for anyone there). The jury’s currently out on whether we’ll be BBQing at the beach or on the site, it’ll largely depend on the forecast and distribution of drivers.
What? Cornwall is prized for it’s variety of climbing, from Multipitch inland crag, single pitch sea cliffs, all the way through to epic alpine ridges; there’s plenty for everyone to get stuck into!
How much? £6pppn, the site is currently booked for 25 but I’ll flex that as numbers become clearer. Anyone planning to stay more than the weekend should book separately.

Signup here: NLMC Solstice Meet - Google Sheets

I suspect most will arrive on the Friday night and will need to use the late arrivals field, I’ll share details of this closer the time.

Please be proactive in organising transport, and thank you in advance to any who volunteer to drive! If anyone has a BBQ they’d be will ling to bring with them then add a note to the signup sheet.

Summer is upon us, and it’s time to up the stoke!

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A yes from me.

I will drive - leaving from Haddenham. Happy to take folk if they can get the train out (35 mins from Marylebone). Probably leave early Friday.

Beach = swim. No contest. That’s my humble vote.

There is an NLMC bbq.

It currently lives in my garage.

Not 100% sure we will be coming at this stage - a volunteer to take the BBQ if we can’t would be great.

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Bah. Just realised that this coincides with a work event so can’t make it this year.

Ok looks like we will be coming after all.

If anyone wants to take the BBQ so we don’t have to put it in our lovely van, that would still be nice…

As luck would have it im going to be on holiday in treen the week before this with Juliet, therefore super keen to join you. Arriving early Saturday morning, leaving Sunday afternoon. Happy to pay for 2 nights in the campsite if required to cover Friday too. I’m afraid I can’t offer a lift to or from london though sorry.

A little over a week to go on this trip, looking forward to seeing everyone there!

If anyone’s planning on coming and hasn’t yet signed up please throw your name on the sheet so I’ve got an idea of numbers. For those needing a lift from London, please start thinking about drivers on the sheet (as ever, thank you drivers!)

Happy climbing folks!

@George_T do you need us to pay you for campsite? Or is it to pay when there?

I’d like to come along, would it be suitable for novice like my self?)

@Jtiplady We’ll pay when we’re there, but thank tou for the reminder. All, it’d be a huge help for me if everyone had some cash on them to pay for the site!

@Roman Absolutely, theres plenty of climbi g auitable for novices in Cornwall!

If anyone has a bbq theud be willing to bring then please shout out (@PaulSagar I believe youre in posession of the club bbq?)

I am in possession of the club BBQ, yes, but if anyone else would like to put it in the boot of their car, so it doesn’t sully the inside of our nice camper van, that would be hugely appreciated…

For anyone wavering and put off by previous years’ Sunday downpours…the forecast for this weekend is currently splendid. Sign up, sign up!

Hi, I am new to the club.
Is there still space on this trip?
I have gear, tent etc. but no car and cannot drive :frowning:
but I can, probably, leave early afternoon on friday and happy to stay late on Sunday :slight_smile:
Oh, and I’m london based, but I might be able to take a train out to where you can offer a lift from :slight_smile:

This is the tide times for Saturday at ‘Cape cornwall- St Just’.

Hi/Lo Time Height
Low 02:36 0.74m
High 08:20 5.61m
Low 14:56 1.00m
High 20:45 5.79m

Looks good for access to tidal routes from 11.30am ish. Does anyone have specific crags they want to target?

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Slight change of plan and unfortunately not going to make this anymore. I’ve removed myself from the sheet. Enjoy!

Just been having a shufty this morning…

Carn Barra - haven’t been there before. It’s also non-tidal so can get on it earlier. Wind looks like it’ll be coming in from the north sat/sun so will be sheltered too.

Pordenack also looks good. Anything you fancy?

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Who else is leaving early Friday morning? Be good to get something done in the afternoon if possible

Carn Barra is really good, though the routes are quite short. Check out Carn Kenidjack if you haven’t already…

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How do I get in touch with the people of the list?
There are no contacts, no emails no phones, no whatsapp group !?
Can someone pass me the contact to Michael De La Rue? I would like to go on the thursday evening:)
My email: and phone 07594826423
I climbed with Tilly today at the castle. I believe she was very happy with my belaying :smiley: