Summer alpine Ecrins trip - July 7th to 15th


From: @guyarnold

Lol an excellent suggestion. Our trip to the Bregaglia was awesome. There’s sport climbing in the valley, cable car access friendly alpine rock climbing in the Albigna and then next year (hopefully) the bondasca valley will reopen and you can access the Badile, the Sciora range and the massive alpine rock routes there. Dave and I have the inside intel on the world’s greatest bivy spot as well.

Plus, you can camp in Italy and the nearby town of Chiavena is great for days off and stuffing your face with Italian food and wine…

And all a couple of hours from Milan airport


Looks awesome guys. Some pics from over in Switzerland:


Hi folks, Great photos and look fwd to more and stories of derring do!!!

I hope that Great Uncle Richard (H), H stands for higher and higher… kept you all on the straight and narrow and gave you the benefit of his vast experience and one word answers. Also that was interesting, is that some of the oldies turned up at the well organised meet. " per ardue et astra" in the year of the centenary of the RAF.

great. Cheets and best wishes,

Allen B. -not yet retired but staying low, not above 10,000 ft. However there are no little hills of that height in UK.

Chkeetrs. Bordy.


Some amazing pictures coming out!

Thanks for the sympathy.
Ecrins is wonderful, and I plan on coming back once fully healed :slight_smile:



I’ll come along too - Khalid’s stories on Monday night sounded awesome :slight_smile:


Now over down the valley to Vallouise to do some flying. Nice campsite 50 yards form the landing field and with a swimming pool