Summer alpine Ecrins trip - July 7th to 15th


Hi Max.

Yes, we are in the field about 100 yards past reception on the right. Tutu et al here now too.


Paul, are you in Ailefroide yet? Kris and I might need our gear tomorrow!


Paul and I are driving up to Ailefroide today, so gear will be there soon!


I’ll be arriving around 6 pm, look forward to joining you all


Sector A, close to the Sherpa shop!


Pro tip: actually read the campsite map when you arrive. Saves you driving round in frustrated, tired, hungry circles for 40 minutes!


Max, your ropes are in Haszko’s tent. The bunting gives it away.


Thanks Paul and Richard. Looks warm out there, based on the forecast.


To all viewing the mountains of the Ecrins, tents, ropes and empty bottles of beir

Have a gre t holiday, exploration, grimping, drinking, sleeping, boozing,lazing arounding,

Keep the Master, Mister Richrd Haszko, under control and make sure he washes his hair after each climb.

With best wishes, Allen Bordoley lazing in the sultry heat of North London, whilst attending Tai Chi lessons to become more nubile…

Berg heil to all,

Allen Bordoley

ps: Allen Bordoley, Dan Bordoley, Eytan Bordoley, Valerie Humphries, Nicky Freilich and Anna Jarmain, circumnavigated the Whole of the @Dauphine Alps, camping and slouching their way around many years ago when the present members were/may be not born or even thought about. Th is was a magnificent undertaking done with upto date equipment (of the time) without recourse to yaks, horses, prams or bicycles. I think it was 1987 or 88. Allen B.


Thanks for the encouragement Allen.

By the way folks, what size pole baskets for glacier and rock / boulder walkins? Medium - looks good for most terrain or Large for powder? What size do you use for summer alpinism?


Johannes enjoying a break just before the final pitch of Snoopy Directe


Snoopy is a great route! And fine view of Palaver les flots in the background.

Hope you guys are enjoying it :grinning:

what are the temps like?



Great trip everyone! Roll on future alpine excursions…


Weather turned after you left. Rain and thunder.


Lovely and sunny up in Font! Home this evening though…


Thanks all for this great trip!


Phew, what a week! Back in the UK now and I’ve just about recovered: we got so much done! My memories will be:-

  • Being welcomed by a brave faced @krisk with leg in plaster
  • The best attended NLMC mountaineering trip for years
  • A generously hosted BBQ in Vallouise courtesy of @Paul_Drew and Barbara: thank you very much
  • Consistently excellent weather (not disputing the equally good weather in the UK)
  • A near total moratorium on Brexit discussions: you did well @PaulSagar
  • National pride just about intact with the football to help us along
  • Just so many pitches of amazing granite climbing

Well done all. I’m looking forward to reliving the experience courtesy of the newsletter article.


Thanks all, it was brilliant fun and I for one will definitely do it again.


Cheers everyone, that was a special trip. Man was i tired when I got back :sleeping:

Kris, very sorry to see your trip cut short - heal strong and see you again soon.



Yes I did rather well despite repeated provocations by @jrtomlins.

Hugely enjoyable week - let’s do it again!