Summer alpine Ecrins trip - July 7th to 15th

Hi all

Who is interested in a week of summer alpine climbing at Ailefroide in the Ecrins?.

Absolutely loads to go at whether you are into bouldering, rock climbing or alpinism, plus the surroundings are stunning and the village has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Can you tell it’s one of my favourite places?

Flights to the nearest airport (Turin) are limited but still reasonable, so the earlier we can get a group together the better the price will be.


Yes! I was considering going to the arc’teryx event in Chamonix to learn some stuff, which is the weekend 7/8th, so it would be great to then have a chance to apply it.

What kind of kit/skills needed?


I may be interested depending on costs. How much roughly has a trip like this in the last cost?


Might be interested if my existing options can’t make it, or even if they can and I feel like staying out for longer.

@Tom_Blake Nice one, it’s a great place to find achievable objectives you can learn on. The logistics of getting from Cham to Briancon might take some working out - it’s in a different part of the alps - but sure there’s a way.

Gear; depends on your objectives. Accommodation is camping. For sport, half ropes (for the abseils) and quickdraws are all you need. For alpine routes, a v. minimalist rack, boots (B1-B3), crampons and ice axe are needed, and poles are useful. The gear you’ll need can be hired from the shops in the village.

@Binit-Shah, costs are fairly standard for a fly-drive holiday. Flights + bag, probably £200, plus share of hire car £40. The camping is cheap, €7 per night, but on the days you go high and if you use a hut, dinner and hut fees are more expensive - guessing c€45 a night for the hut and €20 dinner, though there is usually a winter room if you choose to do your own cooking.

I would LOVE to go to Ailefroide - it’s been on my list for ages.

Personally, the dates you suggest wouldn’t work for me as my cousin is getting married (45 minutes from Fontainbleau!) on the 14th, so I’ll be in the wrong part of France. More importantly for your purposes though, bear in mind that the 14th July is Bastille Day and therefore a huge public holiday in France. It might be cheaper/easier logically to go over another period.

(Sorry if this is a bit forward - I’ve not even been to a single meet yet, let alone become a NLMC member…but I plan on being soon!)

I’d be interested depending on dates. I’ve been to Ailefroide - it’s amazing.

I’m keen on this trip provided my documents are sorted before summer. In fact, if all goes well I may be with friends in the south of France around the end of June so could stay till July if people are going to Ecrins.

also I’ll need to be able to work on my laptop at the same time, so would have to investigate accommodation options. Does the campsite have a common room with sockets & wifi? Or has anyone considered renting a gite? would cost almost the same as camping if there are enough of us.

Hi Max,
I’m keen. I would probably come directly from Paris, possibly looking to jump in one of the cars from Turin as it passes Oulx.



Valerie and I will be driving out

Hi Paul,

We are consciously going mostly before Bastille day. It will get a load busier from the 14th. Possibly some flexibility the dates, let’s see who registers interest first.

@Tutu, there are places to charge your phones (including , and free wifi at the supermarket which reliably has a group of people checking email outside of it). I won’t lie, it’s not the best but functional once you have connected to it. There are gite options, particularly if you head down the valley to places like Vallouise, but part of the charm - for me at least - is the beautiful campsite in the woods. FYI, Jerry Gore has a line in accommodation in this part of the world. €1,400 a week in the high season for 8 ppl.

@george_margesson; good to have you on board :grinning:

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And yourselves!

I’m interested, but have to see about work

I’ve realised that I could drive to Ailefroide a little earlier, then climb with you guys for most of the time you are there, but leave a little early and make my cousin’s wedding…before a little Font time. Could actually be perfect summer road trip. So basically - i’m in!

Hi Max, I’m interested. I’ll need to check on dates, and not sure if I would make the whole week.



I am interested in attending for rock climbing / bouldering.


Having checked with work I am definitely in, would be able to do an extra day or so either side if anyone wanted to extend slightly. Keen to climb the Barre and the North Face Direct Finish if it’s in condition.

I could definitely be there a day early. I’ll be driving down and living out of my van so can be there from whenever really.

I meant we shall be there a couple of days before th e meet i.e. July 45 or 5

Hi all,

Would be an idea to get something booked soon as flight options are fairly limited and will only get more expensive. Suggest book flights together and filling out a hire car as soon as we get critical mass, otherwise we’ll all be waiting for the starting gun.

Cheapest flights involve a brutally early start on Saturday. Premium of about £80 to fly out Friday evening at 8pm.

Is this list right / Any changes?

Matt G
George (from Paris - pick-up at Oulx?)
Tom Blake (making his own way?)

Driving themselves
Richard and Valerie

Interested -
Mike B

Andy a few others I have discussed with, I can’t remember if you were yes/no/maybe?
Toby K?
John W?