Summer alpine Ecrins trip - July 7th to 15th


What times are the flights you lot are on?


Stansted-Turin 7-Jul 06:45 FR 464
Turin-Stansted 15-Jul 10:15 FR 465


Very disappointed to say I’m now unlikely to be able to join the trip due to a slipped disc :frowning:

As soon as I’m able I will tag onto trips with a book (for me) and cake (for you) while I mend. PM me with book/podcast/film suggestions to help with the recovery period boredom!


Oh no, get better soon!


hope not too painful and heals super fast and super strong


I’m also sadly going to have to accept I won’t be able to come, too much stuff to do :frowning:
Will be looking into a week/ten days bolt clipping in the autumn, possibly Ariege, will post nearer time


Love Ariege, definitely keen to go back. I have a reading week in late October I’d be keen to fill with a climbing trip.


Not sure the university means reading a guide book for a reading week.


@Jenny hope you get better soon, “Make or Break” by Dave MacLeod should be a good read… I read it after dislocating my elbow!


Hi all,
I am planning to join as well :slight_smile:
See you soon,



Flights booked!!

Also, I’ve just ordered a couple of guidebooks:

Classic Routes in the Ecrins, A Mountaineering Guide (2018)

Mountaineering in the Ecrins Massif: Classic Snow, Rock & Mixed Climbs (2014)



I might turn up with a friend from Poland. Almost certainly taking a car and going through Valais and Aosta in one direction or another (yes I know that’s a bit stupid, but I have places to visit).

@Jenny really sad do hear. I have a bunch of books; I’ll send you titles you can pick.



Hi all,

My wife Rebecca and I met a few members yesterday at the castle/pub. Both of us are very keen to join the club and we had a chat with @mikedlr about joining the Ecrins trip in July. On the weekend 7/8 we’ll be doing some courses in Chamonix, but would drive to Ailefroide on Monday. Please let me know if you are ok with us joining.



Hi Lukas, great to have you join! Just make sure you read the post from Max above about nature of trip.


Ah hey man you found them I see!

Hope to see you in the Alps!



Hi all,

Having spoken to Tutu whilst lead climbing, I found out your group is planning a trip to the Écrins whilst I am in the same area.

I was hoping I could join on your adventures?

If so, could you tell me what you have planned?

Thank you.



Hi Charlie - most of the relevant info is contained in this thread. If you scroll up and read from the top you’ll be pretty much up to speed!


@Charlie check out the spreadsheet below for a good idea of who’s going, when, how and with what sort of objectives:


Hi all,

sorry, been out of the game for a while.

@Jenny sorry to hear about your back, wishing you a good recovery.

Thanks everyone who posted replies to Charlie, Lukas and Rebecca. Yes, there is loads of info up the thread, but doesn’t do any harm to repeat some of the key messages in the post, linked below.

The trip is really setting up a collective, with the expectation that spontaneous plans and pairings are formed out of it. I think this will be pretty fluid, some will want to do sport climbing, others mainly mountaineering where experience matters comparatively more and people are more likely to be picky about who they pair up with.

Either way, it shouldn’t be viewed as an ‘organised trip’ (the NLMC doesn’t really do these). But if you have the experience and can be relatively independent, then you are very welcome to hang out with us. Should be a good crowd, I really ought to get on to the campsite about setting an area aside for us.



Thanks Max. If you do contact the camping, there will be four of us arriving on the 5th (me, Tutu, Matt and Kris) so we can start claiming an area for the group!
Looking forward to it.