Summer alpine Ecrins trip - July 7th to 15th


Oisans nouveau, oisans sauvage is what I’ve used before. I have that, an ailefroode cragging guide (I think) and an ign map that you can borrow if you need it. There’s also a cragging guide for the main Durance valley which I don’t have but which I think looks good.


Thanks Andy


Hello there!
I’m keen on going for a long weekend and I think @mortim91 was also thinking about this. We could all fly together to Turin and rent a car maybe? I’m happy to drive on the right side of the road!


This one you can buy in the valley which has all the multipitch stuff . There is a more recent but near identical one. Doesn’t cover climbing down the valley which is a better weather option.


The second pic is of the face that dominates the campsite. One of my trip goals is to get on one of the big routes this time…crux pitches at the top! I think the French for ‘la retraite serait tres malcommode!’ is that retreat will be a PITA.


La Voie des Maîtres looks like a great outing.


I’ve not done that but vie devant soi is very good. Wasn’t there some big rockfall a few years back though? Orange d’etoiles v good too.

I’ve checked and I have escalades autour as well as the other one (which does have some multipotent further down in the valley but no cragging), plus the ign map.



As suggested earlier, I have set up this spreadsheet to help pool relevant info.

Can amend the columns as necessary…



la vie devant soi is a great book.


I am also planning to head out.


Are all the guide books in French, or are some available in English?


@Peter i have a bilingual guide for the area - selected ailefroide as well as surrounding crags - can bring to saxony if you want, or get it to you after.


That would be great Dave; bring if it’s convenient for you, else afterwards would work too.


Would it be psi lie to copy it and send to me via email?


@jrtomlins and myself both read French, and will be available to translate guidebooks on a fee-by-the-hour basis.


I read, speak and write in French, I may be qualified to charge the same rate per minute. But actually I asked a friend who lives near Briançon and he believes there are bilingual guidebooks available now.


So it looks like it’s Tutu and maybe Kris taking the train as well? I’ll attempt to send a separate message, since it might be worth coordinate to get a taxi up the hill. I’m thinking of heading down on the evening of the 4th or 5th, back to Paris on the 16th (no train on the 15th). Currently the sleeper train is €35 or €45 each way which seems like a bit of a winner. To Briancon or Argentiere la Bessee (marginally closer).


Hi George,

That sounds good to me, I’d be interested in travelling by train at that sort of price and on those dates.



I’m in! I’ve added my details to the google doc. Alpine routes / multi-pitch climbing are my goals.


Nice one Toby. If you are prepared for an early start, coordinate with Khalid as I think we will have space in the car if you come on our flight to Turin.