Summer alpine Ecrins trip - July 7th to 15th


I’m definitely in, and will be driving myself.

Spare seat for anyone who wants to go down a few days earlier…


I’m interested for rock climbing, just trying to juggle some work things…


I am still interested.


I intend to make my own way down as I can go earlier (perhaps Wednesday 4th) and will need to discuss with other early-going folk whether I can cadge a lift from whichever airport or whatever I fly into (if Paul hasn’t filled the spare seat and would like company, please bear in mind that I can’t drive!). Thereafter happy to share in all transport and accommodation costs.


@Max_A which campsite everyone usually stays in? Is it Camping Ecrins, Huttopia in Vallouise or another one? I’m just trying to find out whether I’ll be able to work from there. @PaulSagar when are you thinking of leaving? I’m fairly flexible on dates and can share driving.


oops sorry @MattGee just seen your reply, didn’t mean to jump in! you have first dibs for Paul’s car seat.


No no, I don’t mind :grinning: If Paul would rather have another driver that’s fine. I would if I was him!


well, I’m not just any driver, I’m a Russian driver… I looked into train option as well and London to Paris plus sleeper to Briançon seems like a reasonable alternative.

Btw I wouldn’t do any alpine climbing as I’ve already sold half of my winter gear… (maybe someone needs ice axes for the trip?) So the question is… anyone going just for sport climbs?


@Max_A were you thinking of flying in and out of Turin or Geneva? Or somewhere else?


Camping d’Ailfroide looks to be good as it’ very close to the crags


I am going purely for climbing, not mountaineering.


I’d like to get a bit of both if I can make it, but things are all over the place at minute so can’t commit yet!

Would like to do a trip to Ariege (SW French Pyrennees) late summer/autumn, similar range of stuff, alpine ridges, valley single pitch, multi pitch up to 35 pitches…granite, limestone, gneiss, lots in lower and mid grades…Chunnel/night train option or fly to Toulouse and hire car. Used to climb there quite a bit years ago, lots of accommodation options, great climbing


Hi Tutu,

Yes, as Richard says, it’s the municpal campsite in Ailefroide village. I’d guess about 15-20 minutes up the hill from Vallouise. Briancon - about 50 minutes?

The free wifi is at the Sherpa supermarket - only on during their opening hours which I would guess is through to about 8pm; worth doing some looking into.


Hi Dave,

My preference is Turin for the shorter transfer, c 2hrs. Milan or others (Geneva, Grenoble, Lyon??) possible if you are prepared to drive further. It’s awkward to get to compared to.e.g. Cham.


Hi @Tutu I’m looking to pick up a bunch of gear for the trip.

I have very little idea about ice axes, but what are you selling?


@Tom_Blake I’m not sure which axes you’d need but I have a pair of Cassin X-Light axes (adze & hammer) with leashes, only used twice, in Scotland in Wales. Also have a brand new Petzl caritool carabiner for ice screws.


thanks @Max_A I’ll bear the wi-fi situation in mind, I might just have to ask for a holiday and enjoy camping!


Splendid. I am psyched. When would the advance guard be arriving? I’m eyeing up the sleeper train from Paris to Briançon and may be able to make it a couple of days before the Saturday.


I’ll look into this too…might be better if several persons try and get the same or similar train?


I was thinking of taking the eurostar maybe on Wed or Thu afternoon (4 or 5th) for £45 and then the sleeper train same eve. But not settled on dates yet as I might want to catch up with a friend in Paris before or after Ecrins.