Spring working meet

Hi everyone, the spring working meet is approaching and there are loads of fun jobs planned.

If you’ve not been before it’s a great chance to meet up, get the properties looking really good and we might even get some climbing in on Sunday.

Dates: 19th and 20th March

As usual the club will be providing breakfast and a communal meal on Saturday evening.

There will be the usual maintenance jobs; cleaning, strimming, chimney cleaning, maybe some painting. All skill levels welcome! There will be a job that suits.

I’d also like to make some improvements to the drying room by adding a new vent so I would be looking for help with this too.

If you are interested please sign up on the spreadsheet and we can sort out lifts etc.

Cheers :+1:

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Spreadsheet coming soon!

queen not amused


Thanks John, will try and get up to finish crosscutting the wood, will have the hound


Yes ma’am

Does this work? I have no idea

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That would be great. Thanks Chiz

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It works :partying_face:

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Hi @johnw1 . Sorry, but won’t be able to join the Spring Working meeet as my parents are over from Norway that weekend, but I do have a selection of tools I’d be happy to lend if they would be of any use. Got a circular saw with rails, a paint sprayer, a router, cordless power drill, and some other handtools and bits and bobs.
Please let me know if any of it could be of any use.
Hopefully I can join the diy meet in Oct :slight_smile:

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Guys, could I make little request in terms of passengers, I’d like to bring my friend along and drop her off to Llanrug to her parents house?

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I got reminded this is happening so I’ve signed up. @MattGee I can likely swing by somewhere near you (do you have free parking near your place?) then head off together.

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Thanks Mike, given that I will almost certainly be working late on a publication deadline I have put myself down as going with Paul as he is also leaving late!

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No worries Magnus.
Hey, sounds like you have some great kit. V kind. The only thing I think we need though it’s an SDS drill. I might try and borrow one from with though

Good turn out so far. Thanks folks :+1:
Roman, I might have a job for you.


Since I would be free only from late in the evening on Friday, is there any easy way to get close to the hut by public transports?


Train to betwys y coed. Then bus towards chapel curig or hitch or walk it’s about five miles.

John, I’m afraid something has come up and have to be in Gloucestershire that weekend, I’ll try and get up and get that wood crosscut and split asap. Sorry!

Hi John, I was wondering what jobs you may have for me, and what tools should I grab?

One job I definitely I can not do is masticking, silicon will end up all over the place🤣

Ah no worries

There is an emergency light that needs replacing if you are qualified to do that?