Spring working meet 23-24 March

Hi all, it’s the Spring working meet in a few weeks, usual craic, I’ll post more info when I have a second, but hope to see loads of you there.

WHEN: Saturday 23 and Sunday 24th March. Most people turn up late Friday night. Work permitting I’ll be up a day or two either side
WHERE: Cottage and Barn
WHO: Everyone! There is something for everyone to do and contribute

WHAT WE’RE DOING: Main job this meet will be cleaning out the Shed and getting the rubbish to the tip. We’ll then start to fit out the Shed: racking, workbench, new door and window frames, shutters and gutters…
Also chimney sweeping, deep clean of both buildings, a spot or two of painting, some shelf building, strimming, clearing gutters and Arco drains, laundry run and assorted other small jobs of all sorts
We’ve also various admin tasks checking signage and doing signing off checks

WHY? Damian has been doing a great job on the caretaking front, but working meets are as important as ever in keeping the properties up to spec, and for making improvements -especially jobs where many hands make light work. We are really lucky to have two properties but without well-attended working meets they won’t stay in a good state for long. All members are welcome, and there will be jobs to suit all abilities and skills. All tools and materials will be provided.

FOOD: As usual nowadays there will be a communal breakfast of bacon/egg/sausage baps on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Milk will be provided. There will a communal meal at the Cottage on the Saturday night -if anyone would like to volunteer as cook or assistant cook, please let me know! We have the new oven so options are limitless (ish) but must include custard.

You will need to bring food for Friday night, lunches and snacks, and any drink.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: To bring toilet roll, bin bags etc, Cook and assistant for communal meals, and to buy and bring up ingredients/food for communal meals, also for laundry run

CLIMBING: The past few Working Meets have been well attended and we have completed most of the jobs on the Saturday and have cleaned the Cottage and gone climbing on the Sunday, and there is every chance we will do the same this meet.

Please don’t come to the Cottage on this weekend if you are not helping on the Working Meet.

Past working meets have been really enjoyable social weekends, I hope to see as many of you there as possible. If you can come then please let me know here so we can get an idea of numbers and make sure we have enough tools, and if anyone has any particular skills or a van then do let us know! Likewise if anyone has any specific dietary requirements, allergies or injuries.

There’s loads of stuff to do, a shed to clear out and fit out, and there will be a super prize raffle with a fantastic mystery prize!

Sign up below for lifts, volunteer for jobs, offer up excuses etc etc and please add yourself to the spreadsheet

I shall be there.

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Count me in; she’d work sounds fun, but I also need to do an inventory of the hut contents for insurance purposes, ideally with a suitable 2nd.

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Pretty sure I can come along and do the usual kitchen slavery and unskilled navvy work.

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I’m in…

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Sorry guys but my friend is visiting from the USA that weekend so I can’t make it this time. I’ll be at the October one though!

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I’m in!! :slight_smile: looking forward to it!

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In :+1:

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Cheers all! That’s a classic line-up already. I’ll post more details when I get a moment, but there will be communal meal on the Saturday night, communal breakfast on Sat and Sun morning, and if we get all the work done we can go climbing after cleaning the Cottage on Sunday morning.

Need a volunteer chef and assistant to cook a hearty meal and custard based pudding, plus someone mechanically minded to change the key locks. Also laundry run and an assortment of carpentry jobs, painting, cleaning and clearing out of rubbish. Maybe a bonfire if we’re feeling cold…

The working meets are a good laugh, a chance to catch up and meet new club members, make cimbing plans and play a very important part in keeping the Cottage and Barn in good order. All members are welcome, whatever your DIY skills, we’ll sort lift sharing etc nearer the date.

And you’ll be in with a chance of winning the mystery prize!

Could someone who knows such things set up a lifts/food etc spreadsheet?
Fields are:
Coming from
Own transport Y/N
Club member (for insurance purposes)
Skills etc

Hi Chiz

It’s looking unlikely that Tim and I will be able to make it to this working meet (we’re in the middle of our own flat refurb project). So I’ll volunteer my coordinating skills.

Spreadsheet to follow this evening.

All the best


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Thanks Manchi, hope to see you both soon anyways

Please use this spreadsheet to let us know that you’ll be able to volunteer at this working meet and therefore are simply: An Awesome Member of the Club.



How do I open it on my iPad so that I can add to it? I don’t have access to a 12 year old child to work it out for me.


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In the meantime can you add Valerie Humphries, we will be going from Sheffield and are meat eaters.

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I will be there!

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I should be there too :slight_smile:

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I’m in as well. Can drive if required

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Thanks everyone so far for volunteering. You’re all ace!

@MattGee, @richard_young, @jo_keogh, @toby: please fill in the spreadsheet to help me organise lifts for everyone closer to the weekend.


Thanks Manchi - done