Spring Working Meet 18th-19th March


Chiz Glos, Thurs eve
Kelvin At cottage now
Richard Y Wilts, Friday lunchtime

Tom Chef
Peter H Sous chef

Jo Keogh
Matt Hobby
Martin Bull
Richard Howard
Gary coming from Cambridge with
Alison S driving up from London Saturday morning, can give lifts
Maron Wintringham coming up on Saturday
Bob Adams coming on Saturday
Valerie coming from Shropshire

I think that is everyone. So provisional is for 17 members, Mike P may pop along for the meal, and we may get some extras turning up. And I’m always hungry, so assume cooking for 20…

and thanks to all who have let me know they can’t make it this time, I do appreciate it,
see you all there!!


Wish I was there, I’m actually busy at work in Northampton!
Should be there super late tonight Chiz but ready to crack on tomorrow morning if needs be…


Forecast is for heavy rain Saturday so maybe the inability to work on the
old shed is not such a bad thing.


Forgot that Kelvin, see you late tonight…I may be up still…

If we can go shopping in your van tomorrow morning before Richard gets in? My van is full of woodstore…

and yes, the forecast isn’t great for outside, but that is what coats and fires are for…


Remember barn is free, can always use oven there if you want…


I could come over for Saturday daytime too if there will be stuff to do :slight_smile:
I’ll be a one dayer so will just eat any leftovers :wink:


See you both tomorrow - got to head to the dentist for emergency work first
thing, but should be there early afternoon.
I’ll keep you updated on progress…


Remember barn is free, can always use oven there if you want…

True, but plan is to deep clean the barn, do the work there we need to do, and hermetically seal it so that it doesn’t need cleaning the next day!


We’ll save you something Liz…


Thanks for the info Chiz! Looking forward to catching up with everyone.


I would like to attend also, arriving Friday Eve until Sunday.
No special skills.


Just to let you know I am vegetarian. [quote=“chizharward, post:62, topic:653”]
Martin Bull


Well I’ve bottled Scotland plans as I’ve given up all hope of being able to do anything there with the current conditions. So I was wondering if its too late to jump in on this weekends plans?


Nope, as long as you can get a lift there is always room for more!
Say where you are coming from and if you need a lift etc and hopefully can sort something out.
I’m at the Cottage now so can’t really help coordinate lifts, but sure can be sorted on here
Hopefully see you here


Awesome. I don’t have any particular skills, happy to help out with whatever… I’m handy in the kitchen but am a vegetarian so should mention that. I’ll drive up I think, either tomorrow or early early doors Saturday. So if there’s anyone else who still needs a lift I can offer…
Practical question, do I need to bring pillows/sleeping bag etc? I’ve never been up there as I’m a relative newbie :slight_smile:


Yes you need a sleeping bag and I always take my own pillow!


Sam, it’s also a good idea to take a torch for the bunkroom and the walk up
the track.


Torch as Harris says, earplugs if you sleep lightly.

We’ll be laundering all the pillows but feel free to bring your own!

And a rain coat. I’d definitely bring a raincoat…


@richardgeorgehoward. Hi Richard. Sorry if I’ve missed your reply but do I have a lift later? 7pm Oakwood car park? If you could confirm that would be great. Thanks Martin


Hi Martin

Yes, you do have a lift with me.

I am taking @bullopolis, @jo_keogh and @mhobby1979 leaving Oakwood at 7pm. I may be there bit earlier being well.

To help you recognise me (and to give you an idea space) I drive a silver golf (WN09VGD)

My number is 07968148780

Don’t have @jo_keogh or at @mhobby1979 number.

See you tonight,