Spring Working Meet 18th-19th March


I’m crocked after a bike accident. Struggling to tie my laces, so will continue with Scottish power bills / track / business rates grievances which are all proving time consuming.


Hi folks. Sorry. I wont be at working jmeet. Icame a week aarlier.
Made an error in date. However those present ate the cake and drank
the Cava.
The two Clives, Asmans Family, Kelvin and myslelf. Enough dry wood to
keep fire going. weather - the usual.
My first meet with club was 16 th march 1957 at a camping meet and
climbing on milestone at the promentary on ogwen lake.
Will copy and send some early film type photos of well dressed young
gentleman in Wales.
Great cake from M and S.

Cheerts. Allen B.

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Some good news. I am now with car for weekend.

I live pretty close to Peter. I can do a pick up around 7pm this Friday at Enfield or Oakwood. Not sure what time Peter is setting off as load balance the cars at Oakwood.



My mobile is 07968148789



I will be available to leave 6.30 to 7pm and Martin has confirmed that he anticipates getting to Oakwood during that time.




I’ll be ready to leave after 6pm. But from Hatfield. @peter.harris2 - would it be a problem for you to pick up me from home?


No problem Vilius, that should be fine. We are still to finalise the
overall travel plan though.


Hi Chiz, just to confirm: Tim and I unfortunately won’t be able to make this weekend. I will make sure to pass on the pull up no-no signage to Jo & Matt.


My suggestion would be that @Peter, @johnw1 and I leave Oakwood at 6:30pm and pick up @Vilius on the way from Hatfield. @bullopolis, @jo_keogh and @mhobby1979 can then leave Oakwood at 7pm with @richardgeorgehoward. We’ll all then arrive about the same time. Does that work for everyone?

@chizharward did we reach any conclusions on food? I’m happy to get and cook communal dinner on Saturday if that works for you.


Fine for me Tom. I am happy to assist with the catering.


sounds good to us! thanks Richard :slight_smile:


Hi All. Sounds good to me. Thanks very much Peter


John, good to have you on board; could we exchange mobile numbers, I am on 07398718422.

Matt, we currently have two cars of four people; I think that 5 may be too much of a squeeze for me, but what does everyone else think, are there any other drivers out there?





Cool. So will see you Richard at Oakwood at 7. My no. Is 07813584840.


Hi Peter, my number is 07969161682. See you tomorrow



Thanks John





Hi @Manchi, that would be great -if we can get the septic tank signs too? Thanks


Hi Tom, brilliant! You and Peter H are booked in as chefs.
Can you get the catering supplies en route on Friday evening?
We will need to get everything for Saturday evening meal, including a barrel of custard. Note the oven is not really up to crumble.
Can you get baps and sausages and veggie sausages and eggs, plus a 2l bottle of oil for Saturday AND Sunday mornings. Also ketchup and mustard. If you can get two big containers of MILK -one semi skimmed, one full flavour, so everyone doesn’t have to bring milk up.
I will tot up numbers in a second so you have a better idea of quants.
Keep receipts and send photos to Max A as usual

I will buy two cheapish non-stick frying pans for Cottage so we can cook it all…
I will buy the detergent stuff and 100 odd toilet rolls


Tom/Peter -can you also get a 1kg bag of sugar, a box of teabags (builders), and some coffee?



The club runs two working meets a year where we do maintenance, cleaning and improvements on our properties. I’ll be running the meet, and designating some skilled tasks. If anyone has any medical issues that affect what work they can do then let me know in confidence and we can make sure you are ok. Please bring old clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on/dirty. Safety boots may be useful, but stout boots should be fine for most tasks. Work gloves/washing up gloves would be good as we will ALL be cleaning at some point. We shouldn’t need any specialist tools. There will be some lifting and carrying heavy items.

We all meet up on Saturday morning for breakfast, and want to be doing the briefing by 9am…there will be a few late arrivers -please find me so we can run through everything you need to know. My number is 07881486837

We will be doing a general co-ordination and safety briefing each morning, and there will be a designated ganger at each building for any questions. We want to get the work done, but safely. If you are unsure about anything at all, ask!

If we get all the tasks done on the Saturday we will be able to go and play on the Sunday ONCE THE COTTAGE IS CLEANED. No sneaking off early. If we don’t get it all done then we will finish the tasks and then can go. Bring climbing/walking gear but please try and leave as much kit in the car park as we will be tight on space and do need to clean the cottage hallway.

Please read! If you are vegetarian do let us know, if you are vegan I’m sure you would have said already…

Club will provide sausage/bacon/egg type baps on both mornings.
There will be MILK for tea/coffee/cereal, no need to bring your own.
Cereal/anything else is up to you, but bear in mind we’re trying to get a lot of people through the door in a short time, communal cooking will take priority

Sort yourself out!

Sort yourself on Friday night if you get here in time to cook.
Communal meal cheffed by Tom and Peter. With pudding.


Tom has started coordinating -thank you- I’m heading up to the Cottage in a few hours so will leave it to you all to co-ordinate London lifts. Remember to swap phone numbers, pack light and see you on Friday night