Spring Working Meet 18th-19th March


Awesome! See you then. My number is 07794944725.



Hi @chizharward, both types of signage have been created and passed onto Jo for the weekend.


Coolio. Cheers Richard. See you later :grinning:


@Alison and @Sam have you considered joining forces if you are both driving up on from London tomorrow morning?

@richardgeorgehoward and other veggies: I will cook some sharing food where you add meat at the end, like kebabs, so it’s just as easy to add something non-meaty like halloumi instead

See you all later. Why didn’t I look at the weather forecast before lugging all my climbing gear to work? Idiocy


Its a possibility but I have now arranged to call into Manchester on the way as I thought I would be in my own.


Hey guys. I’m afraid I’m not going to make it after all… What a pity!


Dear all, just to say a massive thank you to the 20-odd (rather than 20 odd) members who came to the working meet and, as Martin Bull would say, ‘totally smashed it!!!:grinning::grin::joy::innocent:’.

The huge turnout meant we got loads done, and are well on track on our maintenance and improvements programme. We have painted all of both buildings within the last two years, and have a new, second, woodstore.

And thanks to Tom for an amazing communal meal, and custard…

Brilliant stuff, thank you all, and see the rest of you at the next working meet :wink:

Hopefully see a load of you at the new members meet,



Thank you too Chiz for your massive contribution and effort. The whole club appreciates it. I’m back on grid now. Lets have a catch up soon.

Thanks also to all the other volunteers who helped out on the weekend or in the background.


Thanks Khalid, look forward to seeing you at the Autumn Working Meet :wink:


Dear members, Valerie and Richard Haszko,
is with great pleasure and happiness that I wish to congratulate Valerie
Humphreys and Mr Richard Haszko on the recent (and hidden ) marriage.

I wish them all the best for the future and life either in Sheffield or

I came across the secret marriage in the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue web
site under frequent evacuations and injuries. At present it is the second
report down.

I know that there won’t be little Vals and Dickies running about but hope
that their combined expeditions, soon to K2, will be one of Joy,
excitement and the pleasure of out of the way places with pure air, cold
nights and sterilized water.
(at last…!!!)
we who know you VAlerie and Richard. are pleased with the momentous
decision you have made.


Allen B.Bordoley aka Bordy


Derar grimpers.
Himalyan Poppy in Himalayan Garden near Masham, Yorks. (May 2017)
Dan B and Judith, Margi, Allen B. ,Valerie H and ana went to Miyar
Nala valley, Udaipur, Lahul (1995)to find them. i India to search for
them, but found none. Had to go to Yorkshire to see them!! They hide
away from nosey parkers.

Good valley to go to to climb and to do glacier work et. Not many
westerners go there…

Allen B.
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Dear All,

I hope that I have the correct e mail addresses.

Due to an unfortunate keenness in my habit of percolating news,
I inadvertently overstepped the line and upset my friends Val H nd
Richard H.
I have already spoken to them and tended my apologies. I do so again to
anyone who felt offended by the prank.

Best wishes,

Allen Bordoley.


You can always wrap the rope around your waist as a belt and so save
weight. Like the old days in the late 50s and 60s.
In 1995 we all wore many clothes and gear in pockets on intrrnal flight
Delhi to manali. Have a good timr. Allrn bordoley


Dear All, I hope that this message is received.

thanks for the info on winter meet in Scotland.
You may/or may not be aware that in the mid 90’s and for a number of years
after that we met in Glen Feshie at the Hostel near the end of the road for
a weeks meet - or stay only for a few days. We had free breakfast and
either made an evening meal or booked one from Jean.
The Weather was either good or awful, or you went skiing at Aviemore

Many members turned up and it was a wonderful week etc. No guarantee for
the weather - but that is Scotland.
Bob Powney - a member - organised it- and he can give even more info that I
have given.
We all drove up or shared. One had tons of gear and evening dress clothes!!!

So there was skiing, climbing walking, fesgtering or even for Bob Adams
playing golf.

The drive is not too bad providing you don’t speed on the A9 or get
snowbound before the two gates on the A9.

Your remarks are apt about safety etc, but serious walkers who keep low
level will learn a lot in trekking in the valleys or even up to Cairngorm -
'cos you cant use the train and get out at the top.
If you haven’t been on the top of Cairngorm in a white out and a double
hooley blowing you aint seen or felt anything.

Love and best wishes to all,

Allen Bordoley


The hut is no longer owned by Jean Haklmilton. It is is new private
hands and the hut is open to the public, about 14r or £1`6 night. About 20
mins drive from Coylumbridge etc.

Allen. B.