Spring Working Meet 18th-19th March


How do loves. I am defo comin, got a big attachment to that place. Let’s build it into a sauna # spa. Let’s sweat it out!!! Big up and big love! And we’ll go good. BOOM!! Let’s tickle some trout :grinning: Xx


er, yes…

glad you can come, be good to finally meet you Martin!


Dear All,
A poor little stove , all alone with nobody to light it up and to sit
around it and wARM their tootsies, hands. No more jokes, bull, songs
ditties to be chanted.

Please wish it well when you pass it by. Why not give it a pat? Even
sit on it so it feels comforted.

Yours Allen Bordoley

member of the keep the stove alight society.

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I saw this in the guardian from last Thursday’s storm
I saw this in the guardian
"The top wind speed of 94mph was recorded in Capel Curig, north Wales, on Thursday morning".
Hope there are not more storms blowing over


We get all the best gusts… @Kelvin has given me a conditions report and the buildings appear unscathed, shame it didn’t blow the shed roof off as would have saved us the bother…

Oh, and @allenbordoley, that poor little stove weighs a ton! And is totally knackered. Once we have a functioning track I’ll try and sell it/weigh it in but for now, it can sit there, I’m not carrying it any further!


Saw the wind speed on TV. Capel Curig comes up quite frequently for
oversized weather conditions. Where are the weather gauges in CC.


in the burner :wink:


I should be able to make it along to this working meet. However, I will need a lift as I am without car that weekend.


Great, good to have you on board @richardgeorgehoward
There’s a couple of weeks to go, so time to start thinking about numbers and lifts. So far we have:

member/coming from/day coming up/lift status
Chiz Stroud/Thursday/2 spaces
Kelvin at cottage
Richard Y Wilts/?Thurs/Fri/???
Richard H London?/needs lift
Martin B London/Fri/???
Vilius London/Fri/needs lift
Matt H London/Fri/???
Jo K London/Fri/???
Johnw1 ???/poss Thurs/???
Allen ???
Bob A ???
Valerie ???

so that is a great turnout for this far ahead, I’ve had apologies from a couple of regulars, and know of a couple more who will prob be coming but haven’t confirmed. So it should be a good meet, again!

We need to get a volunteer cook, and kitchen assistant, to prep and cook a hearty hot meal on the saturday evening, and do breakfast baps on the Sat and Sun mornings. If anyone is interested then let me know and we’ll decide -it won’t necessarily be first person gets the job! We’ve had curry and chilli in the past which have been perfect, so that is kind of thing we are after, with pudding and custard (obvs.) We usually do vegetarian, but do say if you have any dietary restrictions so we can work around it/do something different for individuals.

The cook will need to buy the ingredients on the way up, and we will refund from club coffers. We also need a volunteer to bulk buy a load of cleaning products to restock the buildings.

We also need two volunteers to do the laundering of the mattress covers etc at PyB. Valerie has volunteered for this, but will need an assistant.

So to all members, are you coming? Where from (and wherabouts in eg London)? When are you leaving? Do you have a vehicle, and do you have spaces? Any dietary restrictions? Want to be considered for cooking jobs or laundry run?

We can then sort lifts the week of the meet (I may need to delegate the coordination as I’ll be up already).

Lets hope for decent weather, and that we get the bulk of the work done on the saturday,



oh, and we will be bringing milk


I’m coming from London as well. I have a car (minivan) with four more spaces and am happy to drive. We can work out the optimal lift combinations next week when any final passengers have come out of the woodwork*.

*I don’t mean the woodworm. That’s something different entirely.


Excellent stuff Tom, glad to have you on board, and with spaces too.


Me and Matt will need a lift too please :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I will need a lift also…I’m only a lil one😉


I am intending to attend also and have car.



Fantastic, that’s great Peter. I’m out on site for next three days with limited internet access, can someone coordinate lifts and cook/buying food/toilet rolls etc please? I’ll be online Thursday so can check things and sort any loose ends, but easier for a Londoner to sort the lifts.

Tom L, can you do the lock code changes? Think you did this last time?

Unfortunately there’s been an issue with insurance cover for the shed works so they are on hold, but we have plenty of other work!**

I will be going up Thurs pm but there is currently NO need for extra hands on site before the Saturday, although anyone is welcome to come up, and there will be a few of us up. Apologies for late notice but have been hoping to get things sorted in time but no joy. Sorry.

We will try and get all the work done on Saturday so we can ALL get out for at least some of sunday on the hill, after cleaning oufway out of the Cottage. I think this is achievable, and the more members who make it…the earlier we finish.

See you all there!



@chizharward I am definitely coming and will do the code locks and posters at the Barn. However, I have forgotten that Naomi has the car (which is particularly stupid because it’s the reason I am coming).

Allen B and Kelvin are already at the Cottage, Bob will no doubt be there soon and you have your own transport. By my reckoning that leaves me, @jo_keogh, @mhobby1979, @Vilius, @johnw1, @bullopolis and @Peter all trying to squeeze into Peter’s car. Hopefully someone mobile will step forward during the week, otherwise I (or someone else) can hire a car from somewhere in NW London.


I am planning to come up to help this weekend and can offer lifts for 3-4 people but I can’t get away until Saturday morning.
Hoping to get an early start and can pick up at Uxbridge, Chorlrywood Watford or St Albans


I’m driving from N London tomorrow morning (Tue 14 March), and can offer lift(s), but have to leave Wales by Friday, and won’t be returning then to London (just as far as Oxford). Sorry, but I won’t be making it to the Cottage, doing other stuff in N. Wales this time. So if anyone wants to be driven tomorrow, ring me on 07850 648979 today. Ros


@Peter can I cadge a lift with you. Cockfosters 7pm? My new no. Is 07813584840