Skye Meet - approx. 20th-28th May, spreadsheet now included

Hi folks,

Just a starter thread to gauge interest levels and hopefully settle on some dates that will allow everyone who wants to go to Skye with the club to do so if possible.

If you are seriously interested in coming, please indicate your preferred dates between approximately 12th May and 12th June, this being generally the best Spring period to be on Skye (for example, in 2018 the trip fell between 23rd May - 3rd June).

I can do any period up to a week from 14th May-25th May.

Hi Matt,

My vote is for the week of the 21st to 25th!



I thought we already had dates? Website says 21-28 May. We have planned around that and are 100% going (likely driving up on the 19th UNLESS Liverpool are going to win the league on the last day of the season in which case we will arrive on 23rd)

So 21-25th makes sense

I think rather like the Alps it can be a bit easy going in terms of exact dates (especially for those like you who can sleep in their van anyway!), but as it happens my work situation has changed slightly and I have been told I have to be back at work by the 26th :expressionless:

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21st to 28th is in my diary
I can start earlier back to 16th if required
Defo interested
You are de facto southern english Matt - you’re supposed to have the next 5 years diarised

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I’ll be going up as usual, 21-25th is actually best as a core for me as GF is in Milano then, would want to be there for 10 days or so. In the past it has always been a flexible meet, more a state of mind maybe? and moved around as different people have hooked up/overlapped for a few days. The weather and distances involved mean in the past there has been no fixed destination, although Glen brittle campsite is usually preferred for access to Cuillin if weather permits. Some years we have stopped off on way up/back for a day in Lakes, or met up at Glen Coe

As a teacher, it’s the half term hols or nothing, for me. That would be the week beginning may 30th.

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21st-28th May for me.

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Hi guys,

I’d be super interested in coming along. my ideal dates would be 21st -25th. would be coming from london. anyone else heading up/ back those dates for a lift/ share travel costs?


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Those dates would suit me

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Intrigued this end and potentially up for driving (I also have a new, more fuel-efficient car, which may be helpful)

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I will probably be coming back down the east coast of England as work to do in York, happy to pick up/drop off from stations on route both ways

BTW Sligachan campsite is shut again this year, which is good as it’s midgey as hell and the swimming is rubbish

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Sligichan campsite seems to be taking bookings from May?

No idea about swimming, but Glen Brittle adds 40mins of driving on to each non-Cuillin day. I’m hoping the midges won’t have hatched yet…

I was told by a local that it was shut again this year, maybe they’ve gt someone in to run it? Camping at Sligachan adds 40 minutes of driving to every Cuillin day. I know where I’ll be when the weather is good up high

I think ultimately Chiz’s statement that this meet is fairly freewheeling and might mean people moving around is correct…basic campsite summary for them as haven’t been, old hands correct me if I’m wrong.
Sligachan - north/east of the Cuillins, about 40-50 mins to Staffin if you want sea cliffs. I can’t find a statement that Sligachan is definitely open but there’s contact details listed e.g. here Sligachan Campsite | Alan Rogers
Glen Brittle - west of the Cuillins, over an hour to either of the main sea cliffs around Staffin/Rubha Hunish, definitely open, first come first served
Staffin - good for above mentioned sea cliffs, open

There’s some other campsites, e.g. Portree, but they aren’t that close to the main climbing so seem to be a poor compromise. The Scottish Rock guide says Gen Brittle and Sligachan are both equally subject to Evil Midges so bring yer headnets and jungle juice and maybe a flamethrower. Personally I’d like to do a couple of Cuillin days and something like Kilt Rock but it’s all at the mercy of the weather gods anyway…

Yes, in the past this has never been a ‘turn up at X campsite and climb at Y and Z crags’. For the past few years the meet has always followed the weather, but the main aim has always been to do stuff on the Black Cuillin, as that is what the people going wanted to do most.

Given the distances involved, and the overlapping times that different people could go, and different aims and ambitions, there has always been a wandering basis to the meet with stops for climbing in the Lakes, Glen Coe, Ben Nevis and assorted west Highland crags and mountains as weather and time have made sensible, and to accommodate pick up/drop offs from stations or airports. We have usually tried to travel from place to place during crap weather, but always ended up by the Cuillin for a few days, doing other crags on the way there/back.

Adrian Trendall said Slig camping was shut again, but will check again. Personally I have always found Glen B camping a lot less midgey than Slig, there is a sea breeze most evenings blowing in off the bay. The bay is a lush swim spot, there is a shop for coffee beer and basics and it is idyllically quiet. Yes, you are out at the end of the road, but if the weather is set fair then there is no better place to be, and the lack of heavy traffic noise is a bonus. If you want mobile signal you just go up the hill a bit. Staying at the Slig you have a decent commute to anything other than the northern end of Cuillin, so we’ve always visited those crags on way to/from staying at GB. I guess at the Slig you have an exorbitant bar and food in a noisy overcrowded hanger full of tourists?

Headnets are a no brainer wherever you are. With a light breeze they are not an issue, but if the wind drops a lengthy belay is maddening, so does influence route/venue choice. Smidge is recommended as a deterrent. We’ve usually managed to cook and chill outside after climbing, but some places are hellish to stay. Generally most years there is a settled spell of fine High pressure which gives excellent dry weather, the key is making sure weather and trip coincide! We’ve always* had some good spells, although expect some dreich days.
*I think three years ago we pulled the meet as the forecast was just universally dismal, but that is only time has been so bad in ten years.

We have parked up in laybys and camped on previous trips, but there has been a massive increase in ‘dirty camping’ in last two years and I’d not recommend it for groups of more than a van or two or for more than a night on a total leave no trace basis, it is really impacting on the locals and the environment. Shit everywhere :frowning:

Generally we’ve stocked up on food for a few days at a time and had fine dining, especially on bivvies. There are good supermarkets along the main routes we might take. It’s worth thinking about fuel as can be long way apart. Morrisons in FW is cheap.


For them that don’t know, Skye has a massive range of routes from bouldering to single pitch, sea cliff, multi-pitch of every style from traditional to cutting edge. There’s an abundance of mountaineering routes, and long traverses including the Cuillin traverse. There’s a bit of everything (except sports).

Garry Latter’s Scottish Rock ‘North’ is good general coverage, with in depth of some crags, and there are SMC general and focussed guides on areas.

There’s lots of good Cuillin traverse guides now, Adrian Trendall has a very good pocket guide with lots of tips for the traverse, kit list, and a small part 2 you can take along on the ridge. The old RockFax print out is really good basic few pages if you know the ridge a bit or can follow your nose. For background Gordon Stainforth’s book on the Cuillin is very good. The Black Cuillin has a lot of routes that cross from scrambling to mountaineering, and Skye Scrambling is best for those.


Right then, that should be enough information for now!

If you’re interested in joining, spreadsheet is HERE

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hi guys…absolute bummer…but went through holidays with work yesterday and cant get the time off! thats the ecrin and now this that have been canned…i need to get another job!!!