Scottish Winter 2018 3-11 Feb


Cycling shops sell tape for handle bars and there’s quite a variety so you can get the stuff which matches your needs. You will want something that doesn’t get slippy when wet. I don’t use it but I believe this is the best stuff for people who like to hold their ice axes in their mouths (which I hate; hang them over your shoulder when you need a free hand).


Hi all,
I got the ok from my work to go on this trip :wink:

@khalidqasrawi, do you still got space for me and skis?




Means you can hold any part of the shaft too which is useful! Is b&q self amalgamating tape i used @Tutu! Really worth doing!


That’s great news Jan!


@Tutu you do have overlap the tape a lot (more than 50%) to ensure it amalgamates to itself.


Yes Jan I have space. @Tutu, are you still coming with me? 3 will make the trip comfortable.


@khalidqasrawi yep I’m in!
just got my tape for the ice tools :grinning: I may even have some spare so if anyone needs a bit I can bring it along.


A thought- I know the place has a heated drying cupboard, but was wondering if it was designed for 10 wet climbers in mind. If anyone has a portable heater/dehumidifier that is easy to chuck in a car that might be useful for augmenting whatever facilities are up there.


wasn’t there a fireplace as well?


There are five fire places… I’m sure a few can be spared for drying clothes!


Spare clothes are a really good plan too :wink: - wear one set, dry the other …


Sweet! @guyarnold’s matrimonial chamber is the dedicated drying room. Thanks @guyarnold!


Also think there are two drying cupboards. But as liz says for a week you may need a change of clothes!


I’m going to have a car up for the trip. I’ll visit family in Glasgow for some nights. My Transport plans for the trip are as follows:

  • Thursday 2nd London -> Glasgow
  • Saturday 3rd -> Glencoe / climb (@Jimbo - can we meet up?)
  • Saturday Evening -> Lodge
  • Monday 5th evening -> Glasgow
  • Friday 9th -> Lodge
  • Sunday 11th evening -> Glasgow
  • Monday 12th evening Glasgow -> London

I’ll be remote working, almost certainly from home in Glasgow on both Fridays and Monday 5th.

If anybody has compatible plans and wants a lift in person or to have their Gear transported ( @Jimbo again) then please tell me.


Hi Mike,

Definitely keen to meet up Saturday morning!

I shouldn’t need any gear taking up (though I may check how much everything
weighs over the next day or so to make sure it will go in my luggage



James O’Dwyer


Hi, I’ll be heading up on the Friday and imagine will be parking up somewhere between Bridge of Orchy and Glen Coe for the night. I’m definitely up for doing something on the Saturday so if anyone is about that would be great, otherwise soloing.
I doubt I’ll have any mobile/internet reception after say 6pm Friday evening so be good to arrange anything early doors on Friday, and hopefully conditions won’t change overnight! I’ll be in a matt black Sprinter, usually stop just over the bridge behind the Bridge of Orchy hotel, or in the laybys on the Buchaille side of the road in Glen Coe.
Sorry I haven’t been able to get out and meet more of you, been struggling to shake off bronchitis/flu, getting there…

07881 486837


Hi guys,

I’ve spoken to most of you now - premeet is now at the palm tree on Wednesday. We’ve got the back room from 8.30 (tho I’m sure we can turn up earlier) so we can get some bouldering in first.

Chiz - I’ll be circulating some info on the lodge and how to get there over the weekend.



Brilliant, this will be my first climb at Mile End in about 7 years!


James O’Dwyer


See you all on Wednesday. :slight_smile:


Does anyone need some more gear for Scotland, e.g. ice axes? If they do, please get in touch as I could bring items on Wednesday.