Scottish Winter 2018 3-11 Feb


That’s great @SimonJ good to have you on board. I should hear back from the property today so I will be in touch with everyone re deposit shortly.



Hi everyone,

Just to confirm I’ve now booked the lodge. So the winter meet will be at the Camisky Lodge!

I’ve been in touch separely to collect deposit money from everyone staying the whole week.

For the final balance and for everyone else who isn’t staying the whole week - I’ll collect the cash on 20th December. Of course if you are paying the flexi option (just Michael at the moment) this is refundable.

If you haven’t filled in the spreadsheet with your availability can I encourage you do to so.



Awesome. I’ll look at getting my flights booked!

Who on this thread is coming to the Christmas curry? I don’t really know
anyone on here and would be great to chat with some of you guys and work
out if anyone wants to climb with me!


James O’Dwyer


Hey @Jimbo - so far, me, @guyarnold, @khalidqasrawi, @Kate_Davis, and @Tutu are all signed up for the Christmas Curry, but hopefully at least @Catrin and @mikedlr will also be able to make it because they are London based. The other folks aren’t based in London so they might not be able to make the Christmas Curry, but fingers crossed they can.


Thanks Guy for organising this, top stuff. Paid the deposit earlier.

Fraid I can’t make the christmas curry but will hopefully be up at the Cottage over xmas/new year period and a couple of weekends before the meet, so hopefully catch up/meet people, don’t have a climbing partner at moment so be good to get out for a day or two before the meet, I’ll post on Chat if I’m heading up to Wales/Lakes


Yeah I’m similarly partnerless (as most of us are I think). Should be able to get up to the cottage/lakes for some weekends in jan pre meet


Is there a christmas curry thread? I don’t know if I’m being a numpty but can’t find it. I will be there @dadler !



Hi everyone,

I need to pay the remaining balance on the lodge on the 21st of December. I’m going to Argentina on Monday, so would greatly appreciate it if people could pay me the remainder of what they owe for their stay in the next few days. I’m not going to post my account details on the forum so if you don’t have them already please get in touch and I’ll send them over.

I have set out what that is for each person in the spreadsheet, (attached again below - amounts are on the second sheet, let me know if you have trouble finding it). Once you’ve paid, please let me know and I’ll record it.

For anyone lurking in the shadows waiting to decide whether or not to come, please could you decide asap as this will make dealing with payments a lot easier. If you do decide to come, fill in the spreadsheet to record that (put a “1” for each day you are staying) and then message me to confirm. I’ll then tell you how much you owe.

To clarify, if more people sign up and we end up with a surplus I will redistribute it equally on a per night basis to everyone coming.

For further clarity, if we don’t get a few more people signing up, there will be a shortfall and I will be asking for a bit more money from everyone (currently not looking like a lot though - max about £20 for the whole week)




@guyarnold I just paid too


Can I heartily encourage those yet to transfer me the cash to do so soon? According to my bank statement I’m still waiting for:

Mike (I will pay you back if you don’t come as you selected the flexi option)

Details of how much you owe are in the spreadsheet but pm if you have trouble.

There’s still a few spaces so please come along if you’re thinking about it! Conditions looking a lot better than this time last year so should be good.




Apologies for the delay

Done now, should be with you by the end of the day



Hi everyone, I’m going to drive up and have a space left in the car if anyone is interested. Going for the whole week.

Guy, just paid.


Do you have room for all my gear and skis as well as me? I was going to drive but have no one to take so far…


Hi Khalid
I believe you emailed a wrong person. I’m off to Iceland on these dates and unfortunately, I don’t have a room for your gear and skis or you for that matter.
Not the same as Scotland though but it’s good to know you were willing to drive there. Maybe next time :slight_smile:



@johnw1 @khalidqasrawi I’m going for the whole week as well and I’d be keen to drive up if there’s a room for a small person and a small backpack. I have no skis or other oversized gear…
P.S. I just got back from a trip to Orkneys and had a glimpse of snow covered Cairngorms on the way back!


Hi all,

I am planning on joining as well. I will need to sort holidays over the
next few days first, but wanted to check if there is some room left (happy
to sleep on a couch or so).




Hi Jan,

Yep still plenty of room so come whenever and for as long as you like - will be great to have you along.

Just let me know how long/when you want to come when you have dates.



Looking forward to this!
Do we know about wood for fires yet?
Do we need to bring bedding or anything else?

Do we have a rough idea of any kit that is needed for anyone currently underequipped? I have a spare pair of Fly axes, and some spare C2 crampons that I can bring if that helps anyone? Will bring halves and a 60m single. Fairly ok winter rack: few screws, brace of warthogs, bulldog, blades etc

Not sure if I will have time for another trip to Cottage before the meet, but hope so!