Regular Saturday Climbing at the Castle

Hi All,

I was keen to organise a regular Saturday morning lead session at the Castle for NLMC Members. I know there’s loads of weekend activity with trips away, but regular Castle Saturday morning action could still work well.

My plan was to meet in the Castle c. 10:00 (i.e. when it’s quieter, and there’s maximum choice of lead routes)- I was going to go along this Saturday; reply to this thread if you’re interested!


I would be absolutely up for this! The next few weekends are going to be a bit manic, but after 1st June I’m in for early saturday climbs! :slight_smile:

Sounds good Lottie!

Should be able to make it from the start of June, early sounds good as it does get busy!

Good stuff Mark- we had a really good session this morning, with a lot of choice of lines (quiet, early morning Castle vibe),


I’d potentially be up for this, was there at 1300 on Saturday and missing the early morning quiet :slight_smile:


Sounds pretty cool to me.
I often go alone on Saturdays for some bouldering.
Would be nice to have someone to lead climb with instead.

Sounds great Miranda- we were there until 12:30/ 1:00-ish, so we probably just missed each other

Exactly- I found myself doing the same thing on Saturdays, and thought there might be a broader desire for Saturday leading and roped climbing

Will be at the Castle for Saturday morning lead climbing activities from 10:00, meeting at the Cafe.

Let me know if you want to get involved, and have the pick of the lines when it’s quiet…

Definitely up a morning climb tomorrow! Got a few ‘projects’ I haven’t had a chance to start yet…

Excellent! See you tomorrow morning Sarah,


Will be heading to the Castle for 10:00 on Saturday morning for lead climbing; reply via Chat if you’re keen on joining/ see you there,


I will be there as I passed my scaled agile exam last night, so I don’t need to study today!

Anyone planning on popping to the pub afterwards for lunch?

I intend to be there too, with rope.

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Good work with the exam Mark(‘scaled agile’ sounds climbing-related!); I will be there for 10:00, but probably not staying on for lunch,


:joy: I hadn’t thought of that! Well, you never know it might help this morning…

Just saw this! On again this Saturday the 8th too?

Hi Matt,

Hinging on separate NLMC Chat discussion thread on Yorkshire/ mountain meet this weekend- will confirm asap.

Note all previous weeks have involved regular Saturday climbing,


I’ll be heading to the Castle for 10:00 on Saturday morning for leading and roped climbing. Will initially meet around the Cafe area- drop me a line/ come along if you’re keen,