POSTPONED Spring working meet, 14-15 March 2020

Hi folks,

It’s nearly working meet time again!

Here’s what you need to know. If you can come, brilliant! Please add your names to the spreadsheet below.

Cheers :+1:

WHEN: Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March. Most people turn up late Friday night.
WHERE: Cottage and Barn
WHO: Everyone! There is something for everyone to do and contribute

The big glamour jobs for this one will be replacing the insect mesh on the sky lights in time for midge season, lagging the pipes in the barn washrooms, reorganising the tools etc and getting them into our wonderful new shed.

Of course, there will also be the equally important maintenance jobs such as deep clean of both buildings, a laundry run, strimming, clearing gutters and Arco drains but don’t worry, I’ll make sure nobody misses out on this!

…I might even let you do a bit climbing when it’s all done.

WHY? Despite Damian doing a great job caretaking working meets are as important as ever in keeping the properties up to spec, and for making improvements -especially jobs where many hands make light work. We are really lucky to have two properties but without well-attended working meets they won’t stay in a good state for long. All members are welcome, and there will be jobs to suit all abilities and skills. All tools and materials will be provided.

FOOD: As usual nowadays there will be a communal breakfast of bacon/egg/sausage baps on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Milk will be provided . There will a communal meal at the Cottage on the Saturday night -if anyone would like to volunteer as cook or assistant cook, please let me know! We have the new oven so options are limitless (ish) but must include custard.

You will need to bring food for Friday night, lunches and snacks, and any drink.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: To bring toilet roll, bin bags etc, Cook and assistant for communal meals, and to buy and bring up ingredients/food for communal meals, also for laundry run. There are also things that need to be replaced/provided for the barn. Which will require a trip to IKEA or some such. Max A has kindly made a list of what’s needed.

CLIMBING: The past few Working Meets have been well attended and we have completed most of the jobs on the Saturday and have cleaned the Cottage and gone climbing on the Sunday, and there is every chance we will do the same this meet.

Please don’t come to the Cottage on this weekend if you are not helping on the Working Meet.

Past working meets have been really enjoyable social weekends, I hope to see as many of you there as possible. If you can come then please let me know here so we can get an idea of numbers and make sure we have enough tools, and if anyone has any particular skills or a van then do let us know! Likewise if anyone has any specific dietary requirements, allergies or injuries

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I am actually in Japan for this one.


In my defence it’s the first working meet I’ve missed since before I was a club member (I went on one before I even joined, how keen is that?)

I’ll try and make it up

Japan? Nice :ok_hand:. Don’t worry. The club still owes you a debt of gratitude for cleaning those toilet brushes last time

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My car has failed it’s mot and gone to the scrap heap. So I’m going to need a lift with stuff. Anyone going up through kilburn/Edgware road?

sorry John, too much work on, won’t make it this time :frowning:

Hi, I could pick you up from Edgware Station.
Anyone else fancy a lift?
I hope to leave around 16:00-16:30 from Hatfield and it will take me ~20 mins to Edgware. It this time approx suits you?

Thanks @Vilius unfortunately the amount of stuff I need to take has grown. It’s at my work place by kilburn station. I would need picking up with it there. I’ll just get an Uber up to Edgware.

No worries Chiz. Sorry you can’t make it

HI John. I have added myself to tbensure list.

God knows if I’m still going to Japan, what with the bloody coronavirus hysteria. If I don’t go, I’ll aim to make the meet.

I completely forgot about something I said I’d do about a year ago and now can’t make the working meet, really sorry!
Will put myself on double cleanup duty at New Members in punishment…



@Peter and @Manchi - Any chance of a lift on the Friday? I might be able to make it depending on what happens with a project next week.

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Sure @Mark_W, we have space in our car. Leaving King’s X around 6pm, and returning Sunday evening.

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The choice is yours Mark; just indemnify one the spreadsheet

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Is there another spot going in your car Peter?

@robertpirouet Cool, just put my name down for Peters car as well. In case we get any climbing in on the Sunday are you OK to bring your rope? Happy to take my rack along.

@Manchi would you have space for me please? I can be at Kings X at 6 :slight_smile: